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GSMC Health & Wellness Podcast Recap (#2) - ENERGYbits

GSMC Health & Wellness Podcast Recap (#2)

, by Catharine Arnston, 1 min reading time

The GSMC podcast covers many topics ranging from trending workouts, nutrition and more

Podcast Notes

  • Catharine Arnston, Founder & CEO of ENERGYbits, joins Tate and Sarah for a second time on an episode of Golden State Media Concepts (GSMC) Health & Wellness Podcast. If you didn’t catch the first episode, listen here: GSMC Health & Wellness Podcast Part 1.
  • The GSMC podcast covers many topics ranging from trending workouts, nutrition, and more. During their last discussion in April, Tate declared that he would be undergoing a month-long challenge to replace his daily vitamins with ENERGYbits® algae.
  • In this podcast, Catharine, Tate, and Sarah discuss Tate’s personal experience with his month-long challenge of taking spirulina and chlorella algae daily. He noticed many positive changes which include improved blood sugar levels, satiated appetite, as well as sustained energy throughout intense workouts. Listen to learn more about his experience!
  • Catharine also mentions that ENERGYbits®’ nutrients and vitamins are bioavailable- meaning that all of the nutrients and vitamins get absorbed and used in the body vs. supplements that only get partially absorbed in the body.
  • Photo Credit: https://traineracademy.org/


Listen to “GSMC Health & Wellness Podcast Episode 193: Interview with Catharine Arnston” on Spreaker.


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