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Learn True Health Podcast Recap (#4) - ENERGYbits

Learn True Health Podcast Recap (#4)

, by Catharine Arnston, 1 min reading time

Learn True Health Podcast was founded by Ashley James, a supporter and believer in holistic health. In addition to her podcast, Ashley also works as a holistic health coach to help her clients achieve their health, wealth and life goals!

Podcast Notes

  • Catharine Arnston, Founder & CEO of ENERGYbits, joins Ashley James from Learn True Health to discuss the many benefits of chlorella and spirulina algae, and also address the misconception that all algae is toxic.
  • Learn True Health, founded by Ashley James, is a podcast all about holistic health. In her interviews, she discusses with her expert guests on how to achieve optimum health naturally through holistic medicine, diet, supplemental nutrition, and lifestyle change.
  • In this podcast, Catharine debunks many of the myths about algae being toxic and sheds light on the fact that not all algae are created equal. She also goes into great detail about the numerous benefits and differences of spirulina and chlorella.
  • Ashley and Catharine also touch upon the safety studies behind algae as a food crop and why it is so beneficial in terms of “detoxification” and helping to prevent numerous illnesses and diseases.



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You can view the related blog post and accompanying resources at https://www.learntruehealth.com/spirulina-chlorella-safe/.


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