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Athletes around the world use Bits to fuel their performance and help them recover. Check out these reviews from our favorite athletes!

Allen Bailey Football

Allen Bailey

"I choose ENERGYbits because it gives me an edge over my opponents."

Zsofi Balazs Swimming

Zsofi Balazs

"I live a life on the constant go, and sometimes you cannot make the best nutritional choices and that is when Bits come in to fill the gaps. Bits are the bit size snack that I need before the long hours of swimming. It is true that you should never go swimming with a full stomach...but then how are swimmers supposed to get fueled... Bits do not make you full but provide the needed energy. They are perfect for on the go all the time any time."

Twitter @ZsofiB
Brady Brassart Hockey

Brady Brassart

"In my specific sport ENERGYbits gives me the energy that I need throughout the whole game to be at my best. I want to be involved with something that I know works, is healthy, and has a positive influence on the sport."

Twitter @BradyBrassart
Anastasia Bucsis Speed Skating

Anastasia Bucsis

"I take Bits because they're so easy and effective. They are all natural and provide sustained energy, so no matter what my day may throw at me, I know I have an extra little boost of energy and confidence. I take my Bits with my vitamins in the morning, so it's easy and I don't go out of my way trying to find nutrition. ENERGYbits are so easy to transport to the rink/in my gym bag, so I know I'll always have some on hand in case of an emergency..."

Instagram @anastasure
Shawn Carnes Skeleton

Shawn Carnes

"ENERGYbits allow me to have the boost I need, all the while keeping my body clean and healthy."

Instagram @canyoudad
Caitlin Carter Skeleton

Caitlin Carter

"ENERGYbits is a natural, healthy source of energy, protein, and vitamins. It’ll be a great addition to my athletic lifestyle. Plus it’s easy to carry around and have ready when you need it."

Twitter @_caitlincarter_
Leslie Cikra Volleyball

Leslie Cikra

"I am a huge advocate for clean, unprocessed diets, and I love that Bits have become a part of it. ENERGYbits are always the perfect boost when I need a little extra push! The fact that Bits are all natural and I know exactly what I am using to fuel my body puts me at ease. I like knowing what I am using to fuel my body to get through a long practice day or a big match."

Instagram @cikwithit
Annie-Pier Cloutier Taekwondo

Annie-Pier Cloutier

"I believe in the product completely and I honestly think that it should be brought to every athlete’s attention."

Twitter @AnniePierTKD
James Cook Triathlon

James Cook

"As an athlete and health care professional I aim to empower and inspire others to live healthy, active lifestyles. I look to partner with companies and products that share my love for physical health and wellness and are interested in promoting health and wellness."

Instagram @jamescooktri
Ashley Corral Basketball

Ashley Corral

"I chose ENERGYbits because it doesn't matter what state my mind or body is in prior to taking them. They get me focused and feeling exactly the way I need to feel to compete at my highest level."

Instagram @acorral24
Ben D'Aguilar Football

Ben D'Aguilar

"I live a healthy/active lifestyle and I want/need healthy fueling."

Instagram @bendaguilar
Amanda DaCosta Soccer

Amanda DaCosta

"On a day of training, I usually take my BITS in the morning to get me through the entire day. I have been on a green smoothie kick in the morning along with my breakfast: green apple, banana, orange juice, water, parsley, mint, kale, ENERGYbits! The combination seriously wakes me up like no other and makes me feel great for the whole day! [On game days] I take my BITS in the changing room before we go out to warm up for the game..."

Instagram @adacosta13
Haley Daniels Canoeing

Haley Daniels

"Through eating a clean diet I will have the best results in my competition and lifestyle. Through my recent experience with ENERGYbits I have had sustained energy throughout my day where I can give it my all in each training session."

Instagram @haleydanski
Alyson Dudek Speed Skating

Alyson Dudek

"As an Olympic medalist, I am ENERGYbits Elite Athlete Ambassador so I can learn more about the company and the products and encourage other athletes to #PoweredByBits. Getting involved with a company like ENERGYbits will not only help me discover improved nutrition, but allow me to meet fellow people who share the same health ambitions as myself."

Instagram @alydudek
Andrew Ference Hockey

Andrew Ference

"Bits are a new form of simple, clean energy that can keep me on the cutting edge of fitness within my profession. I’m always searching for the best fuel for my body. To me that means real, non-modified simple food that my body can use effectively and efficiently. Bits fill that need and offer a simplicity that is hard to find. I’ll use them during the hard summer training sessions and in between periods during the season."

Instagram @andrew.ference
Jacki Gemelos Basketball

Jacki Gemelos

"I choose Bits to help enhance my performance on and off the court."

Instagram @jacki23
Alex Gough Luge

Alex Gough

"ENERGYbits keep me from crashing and getting hungry between runs. I didn’t get sick last year on tour when the rest of my team did, thanks to RECOVERYbits. I take my Bits before a race to keep my energy high during two runs! I keep a tin of ENERGYbits in my gym bag for those days when I need a boost to get through a tough workout! RECOVERYbits keep me from getting sick throughout the competition season."

Instagram @agough87
Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben Greenfield

"When it comes to nutrient density for omnivores, vegans, vegetarians and anyone looking to optimize their diet with dense quantities of protein, amino acids, fatty acids, DHA, antioxidants and more, you simply cannot beat chlorella and spirulina. But not all algae is created equal, which is why I swear by ENERGYbits as my go-to algae source, bar none."

Instagram @bengreenfieldfitness
Teneale Hatton Canoeing & Kayaking

Teneale Hatton

"I am always looking for ways to better my lifestyle and performance and that comes down to getting the most out of everyday and every training sessions. I put a lot of emphasis on my diet and see it as a huge part to achieving my goals..."

Instagram @teneale
ENERGYbits Big B Logo Hockey

Matt Hendricks

"Bits help me perform better and recover faster, not to mention how simple they are to consume and transport!"

Twitter @MattHendy26
Mike Hermanson Triathlon

Mike Hermanson

"Before a race, I'll take ENERGYbits swallowed with water or almond milk, to help give me sustained energy... I take my Bits immediately after a workout in a smoothie with homemade plain yogurt, 3 servings of various fruits, 2-3 servings of vegetables, and a serving of Bits. I find this helpful because the amino acids in the ENERGYbits get into my muscles immediately and help with their repair. After a race, I take another serving or two to help with recovery."

Twitter @mikeshermanson
Rachel Homan Curling

Rachel Homan

"It’s tough to eat properly when you are curling for three plus hours sometimes. ENERGYbits helps with nutrients on the go."

Instagram @homan89
Alexandra Ianculescu Speed Skating

Alexandra Ianculescu

"ENERGYbits have helped make me a better athlete on every level. As I see the positive changes in my physiology and performance on and off the ice, I’d like to share this with friends, supporters and anyone interested in improving their lifestyle."

Instagram @speed_skater
Travis Jayner Speed Skating

Travis Jayner

"I love Bits because they are nutrient rich and convenient to travel with. I need something that is quick and easy to eat that will give me energy without leaving me feeling heavy or sluggish."

Instagram @travisjayner
Andrew Jensen Golf

Andrew Jensen

"I need to be healthy, fit and energized to perform at my highest. ENERGYbits allow me that edge. The Bits fuel all aspects of my training. They keep me energized, motivated and focused and truly give me a head start on my competition every morning."

Instagram @andrewsjensen
Arianne Jones Luge

Arianne Jones

"As an Olympic Athlete I have two very important goals. One is training my absolute best in every capacity and also building a team of like-minded individuals who stand behind me and support my dreams. I think ENERGYbits comes into play on both of these fronts and I would be happy to have them behind me."

Instagram @jonesarianne
Greg Jordan Soccer

Greg Jordan

"ENERGYbits provide the edge I need over my competition for all 90 minutes. I can't believe how much more alert I feel! It is a clean energy source that allows me to be the best version of myself both on and off the field. I have been popping a serving right after practice also and the usual post-practice exhaustion isn't kicking in. I haven't had to take a nap all week."

Twitter @gregjordan90
Christina Julien Soccer

Christina Julien

"I use Bits before every soccer practice and game to give me the energy to compete at 100% every time I step on the field."

Instagram @juliencm21
ENERGYbits Big B Logo Field Hockey

Michelle Kasold

"You have to take great risks if you want great rewards. I use ENERGYbits because I feel it gives me that extra edge at the end of a hard training session or game. I have one more run, one more sprint; that extra BIT of energy!"

Instagram @mkasold18
James Kirkpatrick Field Hockey

James Kirkpatrick

"Bits are an easy to digest source of energy that fuels me for games and training. ENERGYbits have been a great addition to my routine & are now my go-to fuel that allows me to push my limits every session."

Instagram @jkirkpat
Mark Kleanthous Triathlon

Mark Kleanthous

"I take my Bits fifteen minutes prior to my warm up before a sixty minute workout... ENERGYbits give me constant energy for the whole workout. I particularly enjoy dried apricots, raisins, bananas, and 10 ENERGYbits every hour during five to seven hour rides to endure. I have sufficient energy levels for the whole ride. Having competed for more than three decades I notice a difference since using them."

Twitter @ironmatemark
Stephanie Labbé Soccer

Stephanie Labbé

"I like to take 30 Bits right before training and games to give that edge. I believe to be at the highest level you have to have the highest quality of energy going into your body at all times, and that’s why ENERGYbits are right for me!"

Instagram @stephlabbe1
David Lapins Water Polo

David Lapins

"ENERGYbits will help to push me through my tough training."

Instagram @davidlap8
Adam Lopez Baseball

Adam Lopez

"Bits work wonders as a pitcher... My first start I forgot to take my Bits. I had just been moved to the rotation and as a reliever I had never thrown more than four innings. After my first three innings that start I was spent. Absolutely gassed, and my performance after the first three showed. My next start I remembered to take the Bits and the difference in my fatigue was stark. I felt fresh all the way through the outing."

Twitter @Lopezillaaa
Rachel Machin Track and Field

Rachel Machin

"I am so excited to spread the word about a company focused on ideas that I also share. Bits fit perfectly with my busy lifestyle as a quick source of energy to keep me going throughout the day and keep me going higher and higher!"

Twitter @rachel_machin
Oluwasegun Makinde Track and Field

Oluwasegun Makinde

"This is a product that I use extensively and partnering with this cutting edge company provides an excellent opportunity to associate my brand with a clean product."

Instagram @segunmakinde
Ciaran McGovern Volleyball

Ciaran McGovern

"After trying ENERGYbits I am excited to add an all natural food to my diet and routine. The product is unique, healthy and can be used by a variety of different people. I will use Bits before matches and practices to stay focused and stay away from the dreaded energy crash that athletes never want during or after."

Twitter @mcgovernciaran
Tyler McGregor Sledge Hockey

Tyler McGregor

"With Bits, I see a healthy way to increase performance throughout the hockey season. Bits will provide me with what I need to perform at my best during the months of training leading up to Sochi as well as helping me prepare during the Paralympics in order to achieve the ultimate goal of bringing home a gold medal."

Instagram @tylermcgregor08
Chantae McMillan Track and Field

Chantae McMillan

"ENERGYbits supports my lifestyle and RECOVERYbits supplements my immune system and keeps me going. I think they are packed with great factors that my body doesn't get from anything else I eat. I love being outdoors, being active whether on the track or off, and choosing natural products to consume."

Instagram @chan_taemac
Paulo Mendes Soccer

Paulo Mendes

"I believe that Bits work, and they work well. Being a professional soccer player, energy is always needed and I believe that this is something that can help me and my teammates."

Twitter @PFMendes8
Pedro Mendes Soccer

Pedro Mendes

"The difference between good and great depends on every bit of energy you have left."

Instagram @pfmendes10
Noelle Montcalm Track and Field

Noelle Montcalm

"Using ENERGYbits will fit into my sport because as an elite athlete, it is important to ensure what I am ingesting is clean, natural, and effective. ENERGYbits gives me the energy I need right before practice. I especially love that ENERGYbits are a food and not another supplement."

Instagram @noellemontcalm
David Morris Aerial Freestyle Skiing

David Morris

"I take 30 ENERGYbits half an hour before my workouts, training and competitions... I like them because it takes 10 seconds to consume them, it's no effort, and I don't get sick when I immediately jump on the trampoline... I take them when I'm tired or unmotivated and I find I just feel the need to go and do something, and the feeling last for ages. I took ENERGYbits twice during my 6 hour Olympic comp and stayed on the ball right until the end."

Twitter @Aerialskier
Marie-Eve Nault Soccer

Marie-Eve Nault

"With Bits being natural and healthy, they are exactly what I am looking for to help me get that extra edge in training and ultimately in games. I take roughly 30 Bits on game days and hard training days. I believe that to be at your best you have to take care of your body."

Instagram @menault20
Marc Nester Triathlon

Marc Nester

"With ENERGYbits there is no question about what is in the product... I have a sensitive stomach and I have never had any issues. I take about 50 Bits about 30 minutes before each workout, either with water or blended into my pre-workout shake. Too many times today people take supplements and things in which they have no idea what is really in them, only to find out that there is a banned substance in the supplement they’re taking."

Instagram @marcnester
David Oliver Track and Field

David Oliver

"I take Bits for a variety of reasons. My number one reason is because it provides me steady energy. I’m on the go all day during my training season, whether it’s training, traveling or racing... I know the importance of getting a good amount of greens in my diet and ENERGYbits provides a great amount of that. ...Before I head out the door for the day, I just toss about 30 and wash them down with a glass of water and I’m ready to start my day!"

Instagram @doliversub13
Brandon Prust Hockey

Brandon Prust

"I feel the benefits of Bits on a daily basis. It obviously has great influence and it fits everything I stand for."

Instagram @brandonprust8
Evan Rankin Hockey

Evan Rankin

"I take 20-30 BITS during my stretch before warm-ups and... afterwards for recovery. The best way for me to describe the feeling is that it isn't like a mental stimulant at all... It more so just makes me feel like I don't get that post-shift fatigue feeling as if I could keep going... It generally helps me to decrease the time it takes to recover so I can get back out there faster! So it's not like an energy boost but it is more of an energy sustainer!"

Twitter @Ev_Ranks
Sam Roworth Canoeing & Kayaking

Sam Roworth

"ENERGYbits allows me to increase my work capacity in my training through the nutritional benefits and improved oxygen levels in my blood. I feel confident in using ENERGYbits that I am not ingesting harmful chemicals or banned substances. I swallow 30-40 Bits before a hard interval or endurance workout to give me the energy to push past my limits. I love that I don't get the post stomach ache when I take them! I always have a tin of with me..."

Instagram @samroworth
Amanda Ruller Football

Amanda Ruller

"As an athlete, I am constantly asked what I use to fuel my body during practice or competition. Having a partnership with Bits would help increase awareness of the product among Canadian athletes like myself and help fuel their many athletic goals."

Instagram @amandaruller
Maria Samson Rugby

Maria Samson

"Bits are a clean and simple way of getting that extra energy boost through your workout. Being able to train at the highest level is extremely important and I believe Bits help me do just that."

Instagram @mariasamson5
Ruben Sança Running

Ruben Sança

"ENERGYbits are a great choice because they’re a nutrient that won't give you the "full stomach" effect when attempting a workout and improve your cardiovascular energy... Instead, they actually improve your cardiovascular energy output because of their high levels of vitamin B. In addition, RECOVERYbits have the highest levels of antioxidants to help recover after the workouts."

Instagram @rubenpsanca
Jon Schwaiger Gymnastics

Jon Schwaiger

"...After trying ENERGYbits, I have found that needed energy without the crash, and as someone who trains 5 days a week at an elite level, this is of utmost importance to me... I have a banana one hour before warm up, and right before warm up I take 20-30 bits up so after a fifteen minute warm up I feel energized to start tumbling! After a harder training, I use a few RECOVERYbits so I know the next day I will be good to do it all again."

Instagram @jonschwaiger
Robert Sikes Bodybuilding

Robert Sikes

"As a performance athlete and entrepreneur, my nutrition must meet two demands... It must be incredibly nutrient dense and incredibly convenient. ENERGYbits fulfills both of these needs flawlessly and allows me to focus on winning the day!"

Instagram @ketosavage
Oluseyi Smith Track and Field and Bobsledding

Oluseyi Smith

"I am looking to perfect my diet to help my training and competitions. I read and heard good things about Bits. I include Bits before, during and after training to help energy levels, focus and recovery. It is all about getting the best training effect."

Instagram @seyi.smith
Jacob Sosna Canoeing & Kayaking

Jacob Sosna

"I am an Elite Athlete partner because of the immense benefits ENERGYbits has to offer to my training regime. Through the use of this product I find myself to be more energetic and fully recovered from my workouts and I continue to use ENERGYbits to help me gain an edge on my opponents."

Twitter @J_Sosna
Buddy Sosnoskie Baseball

Buddy Sosnoskie

"Bits have been very beneficial to my baseball career so far. Since being introduced to Bits prior to the 2013 season, I have not had to take over the counter pre-workout supplements... No more jitters, dehydration, and fear that the product that I am taking may contain a banned substance or chemicals... I now have a sustained, natural energy from a complete food source... Last August my body still felt like it was April!"

Twitter @BSosnoskie
Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr Speed Skating

Nancy Swider-Peltz Jr

"Bits completely fit into my lifestyle because it will help my daily energy levels in workouts and keep me energy sustained throughout. It will improve my digestion because I can cut out other vitamins and reduce the amount of work my digestive system has to do to break down all those pills."

Twitter @nswiderpeltzjr
ENERGYbits Big B Logo Running

Lisa Tamati

"As a professional Endurance Athlete, Coach and Human Potential Expert I am always looking for ways to up the game, optimize health and performance. I rely on ENERGYbits to provide my body and my athletes and clients bodies with the optimal nutrition in a way that is easy to take and won't clash with any specific diet plan. I love ENERGYbits and how it helps us be at our best."

Instagram @lisatamati
Atsuko Tanaka Ski Jumping

Atsuko Tanaka

"I choose Bits because it works. Feeling better during training and more energized in general, it's like running on a full tank of gas! It's also WADA safe which is must for athletes, and because its not a supplement you can mix it into your daily smoothies."

Twitter @Japanada01
Sean White Rugby

Sean White

"I love the idea that you have a high performance product that can be so diversely used by any age or any range of athlete. Many products are just aimed to market a name and the effects vary, not this one. ENERGYbits work and they work very very well on a consistent and reliable basis."

Twitter @whiteslither
Jason Williams Hockey

Jason Williams

"Bits have given me positive results for game day, which is key for the type of intensity hockey entails. I take 30 ENERGYbits before a game or training then 30 more Bits after a game or training to help recover. Bits have given me positive results for game day, which is key for the type of intensity hockey entails!"

Twitter @jason__willy


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