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Family Testimonials

Did you know that Bits are great for children? Parents too! Check out these reviews and testimonials from families in the Bits community!

Charles & Melanie Anderson Triathlon

Charles & Melanie Anderson

"ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits have become the go-to, with the proper protein and amino acids that provide energy to sustain long intense efforts and to help rebuild muscles for proper recovery."

Twitter @Charlieravioli3 & @mkanderson85
Meagan Dunn-Cole Running

Meagan Dunn-Cole

"Bits are a perfect addition to a healthy active lifestyle and give kids the energy they need when paired with a healthy diet. [My son] has had noticeably fewer colds and illnesses than other children in his class. There’s only one ingredient in Bits and I love that I don't have to worry about sugars, food coloring, or scary added ingredients."

Twitter @MeaganDunnCole
Erika Edmiston Running

Erika Edmiston

"We had a reduced number of colds and running noses, which has been so nice and my kids (3 & 5) get a kick out of the green tongue they get after chewing Bits! My favorite way to serve them is in smoothies! We were much healthier last winter than we were in previous years. Plus, they give ME energy to keep up with them!"

Twitter @EwEdmiston
Wesley and Kharissa Forte Wellness

Wesley and Kharissa Forte

"We're beyond pleased with ENERGYbits chlorella! Our whole family takes them every morning to ensure we get good nutrients in and bad toxins out."

"Running a health and wellness brand on top of marriage and parenting means our energy has to be on point! We know we can depend on ENERGYbits spirulina to give us a boost that's natural and caffeine-free."

Instagram @graceandgrindco
Kristen Ghaffarian Running

Kristen Ghaffarian

"I've found the best way to keep my boys healthy is to give them RECOVERYbits to support their immune system. When we all started regularly eating RECOVERYbits, we experienced a lot less sickness. We are vegetarians so I also want to make sure my boys get all the nutrients they need, especially because they can be picky! My youngest loves to chew his [Bits]. I'm so happy to be able to give my kids bits to keep them healthy!"

Twitter @thismomruns
ENERGYbits Big B Logo Fitness

Marcie McClenton

"Knowing that I can take ENERGYbits while pregnant and nursing gives me confidence that this algae is both a safe and great product to add to anyone’s lifestyle. Not to mention the energy you get while taking Bits. Plus, any parent caring for young children can benefit from a little more energy these days."

Instagram @hangtightwmarcie
ENERGYbits Big B Logo Wellness

Meredith L

"I’ve been giving ENERGYbits to my kids (5 & 3) and my sister in law gives them algae to her children (2 & 4). They like how it makes their tongue green! ...I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have these in our daily diet. Thank you for creating something that is far more nourishing than the sad American diet!"

ENERGYbits Big B Logo Running

Mike Nowak

"[My kids] both take ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits with me and we run together a few times a week. I am glad to have found ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits, I noticed an immediate difference in my workouts and love that they are all natural."

Twitter @no_walk
Sally Whitaker Pilates

Sally Whitaker

"ENERGYbits and VITALITYbits provide the energy I need to balance teaching 5 classes a day, running, blogging and family life!"

Twitter @forwardfrmheart


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