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Want to Enjoy the Holidays? Take Bits®. Here's Why. - ENERGYbits

Want to Enjoy the Holidays? Take Bits®. Here's Why.

, by Catharine Arnston, 6 min reading time

1. One Calorie

Trying to watch your calories this holiday season? ALL of our algae bits have just ONE CALORIE per tab! Taking our bits helps you reduce calories but not your nutrition! Did you know all our algae tablets have at least 60% protein and 40 vitamins/minerals? That’s why NASA says they are the most nutrient-dense food in the world. We agree! You will too when you see how much nourishment you get from just a single serving of thirty tablets – all for just one calorie each. Sweet.

2. Zero Net Carbs

The net carb content of our algae tablets is ZERO. This is great news for anyone who is following a Paleo, Low-Carb, Ketogenic or Diabetic diet. Heck, it’s good news for all of us because ZERO carbs means that your body isn’t storing excess calories as fat! Net carbs are the grams of total carbohydrates minus the grams of fiber. Fiber is a carbohydrate that your body cannot digest so it doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels or trigger an insulin response. The two grams of carbohydrates in ENERGYbits®/SKINNYbits® and the one gram in RECOVERYbits® are negated by equal amounts of fiber which is why the net effect is ZERO CARBS. Say hello to your little black dress!

3. More Energy

Holidays are fun but all those late nights spent shopping, traveling or partying is tiring. Keep your energy as high as your holiday spirits with clean, steady energy. Unlike other energy products, ENERGYbits do not provide a burst of energy followed by a crash. Instead, they provide steady energy. This is because the energy in ENERGYbits (or SKINNYbits) is a result of the dense nutrition, not sugar, caffeine or chemicals like you find in other energy products. Easy to carry, easy to take, ENERGYbits are your best party accessory this holiday season!

4. Satisfy Your Hunger

We suggest taking some Bits before heading out to holiday parties. This will not only energize you for your party, it will also help prevent you from overeating. It’s hard to resist those yummy but high calorie appetizers when you are starving so why not take a serving of ENERGYbits before you leave or tuck a tin into your handbag or pocket. ENERGYbits have the highest concentration of protein in the world so they satisfy your hunger and keep you full for hours.

5. Healthy for the Holidays

With so many fun holiday events on your agenda, the last thing you want is a cold which might slow you down or keep you at home! To stay healthy and cold free for the holiday season take RECOVERYbits every day. RECOVERYbits are 100% chlorella – an algae shown to build the immune system, remove toxins and introduce oxygen into your body. RECOVERYbits will keep you and your family sniffle-free this holiday so you can taste and enjoy all the holiday treats without a red nose. Let’s save that for Santa’s reindeer.

6. Be Radiant

The best thing to wear to any party is confidence! Feel confident about yourself and the way you look with ENERGYbits or SKINNYbits. The high concentration of protein found in our spirulina tablets helps build luster in your hair (keratin) and collagen in your skin so you are more radiant. All our algae tablets (including RECOVERYbits) will even help you be blemish-free because it is alkaline and that helps keep bacteria at bay. As if this wasn’t enough good news, all the other nutritional goodies found in spirulina like Omega-3, Vitamins A, C, E, K, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 will also help you feel and look beautiful. Mom always said that beauty came from the inside and now you know she was right!

7. Beat the Hangover

The holiday parties with good friends often lead to the temptation to indulge in a few drinks. Hey we’re all for enjoying a few cocktails during the holiday season but if you want to do it without a hangover, be sure you take RECOVERYbits every night! RECOVERYbits are 100% chlorella – an algae that removes all toxins, yes even alcohol. This is due to chlorella’s hard exterior cell wall that attaches to anything it perceives as a toxin and removes it from your body. Just like a vacuum cleaner, chlorella pulls alcohol out of your bloodstream and in two hours you are sober and have NO hangover the next morning. It works every time but you need to take a full serving (30 tabs) or even more if you have a big build or have really overindulged. RECOVERYbits also help you feel better thanks to its high concentration of B vitamins and electrolytes that help refresh and restore your body’s chemistry back to normal.

8. Improve Focus and Reduce Mental Strain

Decorating for the holidays, preparing for guests and standing in long lines to buy your gifts is mentally exhausting. We can’t remove the long lines for you but ENERGYbits can certainly help remove your mental fatigue and stress. This is due to its high amount of protein, Vitamin B, Essential Fatty Acids and Iron (not to mention 40 other vitamins and minerals) which fuel your brain and improve your mood. We even think Old Saint Nick himself uses ENERGYbits to stay on top of his long Christmas gift lists!

9. Greens Alternative

Those delicious appetizers at holiday parties are tempting and easy to pop into your mouth but let’s face it, they’re full of calories and usually not healthy or green! Getting your dose of green vegetables for the day is hard when you are faced with so much temptation. Taking ENERGYbits or SKINNYbits will easily and quickly help you stay the course and ensure you get your greens for the day. This is because algae has the highest and concentration of chlorophyll in the world and is a greens replacement if you aren’t getting enough of them during the holidays or any time of year!

10. Snacking on the Run

With so much to do during the holidays, you will probably spend a lot of time traveling or stuck in a mall and let’s face it, food courts or airports aren’t usually where you find nutritious, low calorie meals. To fight temptation and satisfy hunger all you need are BITS! Just fill up your travel tin before you leave home and you’ll always have a convenient, nutrient dense, low calorie snack to get you through the day (or night). ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits can even be purchased from retailers on AMAZON in single serving packaging which makes healthy snacking even easier. These pre-measured portion of thirty tablets are easy to tuck into pockets or handbags and are ready for you when you need them.

Perfect Holiday Gift – One Size Fits All!

We hope our “10 Tips to Survive the Holidays” helps you enJOY them more! Don’t forget that GIVING BITS is the best way to “Give the Gift of Health” and even better, “One Size Fits All.” Please enjoy our 20% discount code JOY to receive 20% off your purchases this Holiday Season! – Team Bits

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