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Algae The Ultimate “Fast Food”

, by Catharine Arnston, 10 min reading time

We live in a fast-paced society, where instant results are desired and required. A mere tap of our finger gets us products or food in minutes and every street corner, store and advertiser lures us with their fast-food and snack options.

We have been conditioned to be satisfied, instantly and while these conveniences make our life a little simpler in the long run they aren’t always the best investment for our well-being or wallet. Fortunately, there is a proven “fast food” that is safe, easy and so nutrient-dense it instantly nourishes your body, brain and yes your wallet too.

Algae tablets.

Not only is algae a great investment for your health, it’s nature’s ultimate “Fast-Food” because its nutrient are delivered instantly and taking algae tablets is effortless and instant. Just swallow and go. It doesn’t get any faster or easier than that!

Read on to learn more…

The Problem

Did you know that the “typical American diet” contributes to approximately 678,000 deaths each year in the U.S., due to poor nutrition and obesity-related diseases alone? <1>.

This is because the typical American diet is so high in calories, saturated fat, sodium, chemicals and sugars, and missing critical nutrients like fiber and chlorophyll <2>. Even the “healthy” foods are not as nutritious as they are made out to be.

Most people grab for convenience foods since they are easy and affordable- but they are empty of nutrition, full of toxins and are sabotaging our health. This kind of diet contributes to chronic illnesses including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke and more. Approximately one-half of American adults have at least one chronic disease <3>.

Research shows that small, healthy improvements to your diet and lifestyle significantly reduce chronic disease and help reverse it (without costly prescriptions or their nasty side effects).

That’s why we are excited to tell you why algae tablets are the smallest, easiest, fastest and healthiest way you can improve your health. Here’s why…

Uplevel Your Nutrition with Algae

Everything you eat communicates with your cells and genes and stimulates them to express in a healthy or unhealthy way <4>. So, in essence, everything you eat either contributes to health or disease. That’s a huge reason to eat healthy.

Algae stimulates healthy gene expression, which in turn stimulates your body’s vitality, longevity, and health. Any opportunity to include algae in your nutrition is better for you and your health.

Algae is even endorsed by the United Nations as the answer to world hunger because it has the highest concentration of protein in the world and its long list of health benefits are documented in tens of thousands of scientific studies <5>. NASA also endorses algae and says “one kg of spirulina algae has the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 kg of fruits and vegetables” <6>. In other words, algae has a thousand times more nutrition than anything else. Talk about nutrient efficiency, in mere seconds! No cooking, no cleaning and no eating. Just swallow and go!

energybits clock

Check out the nutrient density in our ENERGYbits® spirulina tablets and our RECOVERYbits® chlorella tablets below! You can’t find this kind of concentrated nutrition in any other food anywhere. Algae tablets are great for intermittent fasting, meal replacement, snacks, travel, working out or working. Never worry again about whether you or your family are getting the nutrients you need to be healthy. Fast, easy and safe our algae tablets are your “nutrition insurance.”

spirulina and chlorella charts

What are bits?

You may have heard the term; “You are what you eat” but we think it really should be “You are what you absorb.” Food affects every cell in our body and every aspect of our being; our mood, cravings, energy, thinking capacity, sleeping habits, and overall health and wellness. However, not all food or supplements are created or absorbed equally.

ENERGYbits® algae tablets are called bits® because they are nutritionally dense “bits of food”. Unlike supplements (that only get partially absorbed and which are made with synthetic ingredients and excipients) virtually 99% of the nutrients from algae are bioavailable and instantly absorbed by your body. You can be sure that what you see is what you get with algae.

girl with bits

Algae is Fast-Food

Algae is a sustainable, non-GMO vegetable crop we grow organically in triple-filtered spring mountain water and press into tiny tablets. We offer two types of algae (spirulina and chlorella) both of which are sold as tablets that contain at least 64% protein, 40 vitamins/minerals and high chlorophyll, but NO caffeine, sugar, soy, binders, gluten, iodine, toxins, chemicals or processing. Nothing added. Nothing subtracted. Just 100% pure nutrition. The way food should be.

  • high protein of 64% (3x steak)
  • high beta carotene (20x carrots)
  • high chlorophyll (500x arugula)
  • high antioxidants (45x broccoli)
  • high organic iron (48x spinach)
  • high vitamins and minerals (over 40)
  • high melatonin for sleep, inflammation and mitochondrial health
  • high electrolytes including magnesium, potassium, calcium
  • essential fatty acids including Omega-3
algae nutrition

In addition to the above benefits, chlorella algae is also a great source of fiber which most American’s lack in their diets. Fiber can lower the risk of developing various conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, diverticular disease, and constipation. Fiber’s beneficial role in the gut microbiome may produce anti-inflammatory effects that alleviate the chronic inflammation associated with these conditions <7>.

Unlike many other convenient type foods, that have zero fiber or nutrition, RECOVERYbits®­­ chlorella algae are nutrient-dense and rich in fiber. Chlorella and its fiber is very beneficial to your health and digestion and supports bowel movements so your trips to the bathroom can be happy ones. No ticket required <8>.

Chlorella also stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria like Lactobacillus acidophilus- an important bacteria essential for maintaining a healthy intestinal tract <9>. Chlorella also has a rich source of prebiotics like polysaccharides and oligosaccharides, which play a key role in nourishing the good bacteria in your gut and keeping your microbiome healthy <10>.

girl sample pack recoverybits

Melatonin and Prevention of Chronic Disease

Remember how we said that most chronic disease can be avoided with diet and lifestyle changes alone? Well scientists believe that chronic disease could be avoided just by maintaining mitochondria levels of melatonin <11>.

You may be familiar with melatonin as a way to help you sleep and regulate your circadian rhythm. However, science has proved that it’s also a VERY powerful antioxidant and master regulator of cellular communication, inflammation and mitochondria health.

Melatonin is one of the very few antioxidants (along with SOD and chlorophyll) that can enter the inner membrane of the mitochondria to stop free radical damage, reduce inflammation and prevent cell death or disease.

Although melatonin is found in some food sources, ENERGYbits® spirulina tablets have the highest concentration of melatonin in the world and contains 28,000 x more melatonin than tart cherry juice concentrate which has been used for decades by athletes to reduce free radicals and inflammation.

energybits melatonin

Other benefits of melatonin for health:

  • repairs cellular tissue <12>
  • stimulates neuroplasticity in the brain <13>
  • protects cognitive ability and memory <14>
  • protects mitochondria from free radical damage <15>
  • reduces chronic disease and age-related decline <16>
  • delays aging <17>
  • stops free radical damage <11>
  • reduces inflammation <18>
  • suppresses tumors and cancer <12>
  • stimulates growth hormone in the body <19> and <20>
  • reduces cell death (aptosis and necrosis) <21>
  • controls cell communication/respiration <22>
  • improves superoxide dismutase (SOD) <23>

The Quality of Algae Matters

As a reminder, algae is a food crop. It is not a supplement or vitamin. And to prove it to you, check out the photos below of two algae farms!

algae food crop

But like anything, the quality of the algae and how it is grown, dried and packaged varies widely so if you want the desired health outcomes that this superfood brings, you need to be sure you are using only the highest quality algae like ENERGYbits®. Our algae is carefully grown in triple filtered FRESH WATER, it is dry pressed WITHOUT high heat, and pressed into tiny tablets WITHOUT binders. Additionally, our chlorella is cracked with sound vibrations so your algae stays toxin free. This compares to most other algae companies who crack their chlorella by tumbling it with glass beads that heat up and leak lead into the chlorella (no thanks!)

ENERGYbits® takes a different approach. As a premium algae brand, we pride ourselves on our high-quality control, careful production and we even do third-party lab tests here in the USA at an FDA-approved labs to confirm and document the purity, safety and nutrient density of our algae. In fact, our algae is considered “physician grade” which is why we are the only algae sold nationwide by doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists and other wellness professionals. They trust our integrity and quality so you can too.


Now that summer has come to an end and your fast-paced working groove has kicked in, if you need something fast, easy and healthy to jump-start your days or nights, look no further than algae tablets. The ultimate “fast food” that puts nutrition back in your body and time back in your hands. Just swallow and go. What’s not to love? Happy September!

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