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Want a fast recovery? Take Bits®. Here's Why! - ENERGYbits

Want a fast recovery? Take Bits®. Here's Why!

, by Catharine Arnston, 3 min reading time

1. Stop Muscle Pain

RECOVERYbits® remove the lactic acid which is released during intense physical activities. Lactic acid causes pain and interferes with the optimal functioning of an athlete’s muscles. This increases the acidity of muscles and the acidic environment inhibits the metabolic pathways that permit the breakdown of glucose, resulting in muscle pain and reduced athletic performance. RECOVERYbits® are the fastest, easiest, most natural way to prevent this. RECOVERYbits® remove lactic acid and stop muscle pain so athletes can achieve peak performance.

2. Speed Recovery

RECOVERYbits® have the highest concentration of iron in the world (48 times more than spinach). Iron is what carries oxygen in the blood and helps prevent fatigue. Iron is also necessary for cellular health and thus it plays an essential role in athletic recovery. More iron also results in more oxygen in the blood which allows athletes to perform better and recover faster.

3. Repair Muscles

RECOVERYbits® are 100% chlorella – an algae that has the highest concentration of RNA/DNA in the world. RNA and DNA are proteins that are necessary for building and repairing cells, bones and muscles. They also contribute to a rapid recovery after injury or surgery and are essential for anti-aging and longevity. The high concentration of RNA/DNA in RECOVERYbits® facilitates this.

4. Prevent Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness (DOMS)

RECOVERYbits® reduce the acidity of muscle cells and this helps prevent the cellular damage and soreness that usually peaks within 24-72 hours after extreme exercise. DOMS is characterized by swelling, muscle tenderness, loss of strength and decreased range of motion, all of which can be reduced or prevented with RECOVERYbits®.

5. Reduce Down Time

RECOVERYbits® contain forty vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, Zinc and beta carotene, all of which fight free radicals, build the immune system and prevent cellular inflammation all of which help reduce down time and speed recovery.

6. Build Immune System

RECOVERYbits® have the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world (4x liquid chlorophyll). Chlorophyll is an immune builder and has virtually the same chemical composition as hemoglobin which is why it helps build and support an athlete’s recovery after strenuous activities.

7. Restore pH Levels

RECOVERYbits® are alkaline and restore blood pH so hemoglobin can carry more oxygen, speed recovery and build the immune system. As blood flows to your muscles, carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen but when an elevated heart rate from exercise hinders the release of carbon dioxide through the lungs, there is an accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood which has a negative effect on pH levels. This can be corrected with RECOVERYbits® which are alkaline and can help restore the blood pH to its normal levels.

8. Rebuild Strength

RECOVERYbits® contain a very high concentration of protein (60%) and protein is critical to rebuilding muscles, bones and all cells. RECOVERYbits® facilitates this and since the protein in RECOVERYbits® is already in amino acid form, it is instantly absorbed and immediately available to the body.

9. Improve ATP Production

RECOVERYbits® contain ribose which is found in both chlorella and spirulina algae. Ribose is essential for the production of cellular energy and recovery since it stimulates ATP which is the source of all energy for the body’s cells. ATP is necessary for energy, focus and recovery. Without ribose, ATP cannot be generated and bodily tissues become starved for energy (as happens in endurance and high intensity sports) and cannot recover. RECOVERYbits® help restore ATP production and the body’s recovery.

10. Efficient Nutrition

RECOVERYbits® contain 60% protein, 40 vitamins and minerals but just one calorie and one ingredient – chlorella algae. A single serving (30 tabs) provides nutrient-dense, plant-based nourishment that meets an athlete’s needs and supports their rapid recovery, all without chemicals, caffeine or sugar.

We hope this Top 10 benefits you and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us! Hope you enjoy! -TEAMbits

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