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Get the Most out of Your Body with Algae!

, by Catharine Arnston, 7 min reading time

Algae can aid you in performance as well as recovery. Spirulina is a great pre-workout fuel thanks to its high amount of protein and B Vitamins, while chlorella algae also removes lactic acid which helps prevent muscle soreness.

What You’ll Learn

  • Spirulina has the highest concentration of protein in the world, and just one serving before a workout can give you a huge energy boost.
  • Overworking your muscles can result in long-term skeletal muscle damage. But luckily, algae can help with that!
  • People who restrict calories or limit food groups have an increased risk of being low in B Vitamins, which can be remedied by algae.

Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better way to enjoy the warm summer months than by pursuing your favorite outdoor sport. But in case you didn’t train during the winter, don’t despair. We have good news for you! Algae can help.

Peak athletic performance requires solid and consistent training. But you also need optimal nutrition. While algae can’t do your workouts for you, it can certainly help with your performance and recovery! Read on to find out how.

Spirulina is the energy boost that helps you get to your workout!

Let’s face it. Working nine-to-five during the summer can sap your energy making it hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym. Those jazzy roof-top bars with happy hour drinks don’t help either! So when your energy is lagging, instead of blowing off your workout, simply pop a handful of spirulina tablets and your energy and focus will be back on track to get you to the gym.

Spirulina is also a great pre-workout fuel thanks to its high amount of protein and Vitamin B. All of this gets into your bloodstream quickly because the protein in spirulina is already in amino acid so you gain access to it all the aminos in mere minutes (not days like animal protein)<1>. And, since spirulina’s nitric oxide is a vasodilator (it opens your blood vessels) the forty other vitamins and minerals found in spirulina quickly get to your brain and muscles so you get an energy boost without caffeine or sugar. In fact, when you take spirulina before your workout, you might even have enough energy left over to get to that roof-top bar after all. That’s what we call a win-win!

Women in class
Algae helps you get in the gym and stay there, with ENERGYbits® and RECOVERYbits®.

Putting those muscles to the test? Let algae protect them!

Lifting weights is a great way to bulk up or trim down but there is a delicate balance between working hard and overdoing it. Overworking your muscles can lead to skeletal muscle damage. But good news – algae can help with that too.

Researchers studied the ability of spirulina to prevent skeletal muscle damage. The results were very positive and showed that when spirulina was used during training sessions, it decreased lactic acid, and decreased muscle exhaustion. The study thus concluded that ingestion of spirulina showed a preventative effect of skeletal muscle damage and delayed the time to exhaustion during strenuous exercise <2>.

man trail running
Algae gets your energized for those early morning runs. Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

In a similar study aimed at analyzing the effect of spirulina on exercise performance and time to exhaustion, researchers once again found that spirulina increased exercise performance and time to exhaustion in participants <3>.

These are just two of the many studies that confirm spirulina’s ability to improve fitness performance and reduce muscle fatigue. With results like this, instead of asking yourself why should you take algae, maybe you should be asking yourself “why wouldn’t you?”

Nutrients found in algae contribute to peak fitness performance.

According to a study by Oregon State University, one of the key nutrients for optimal sports performance are the B Vitamins. The B Vitamins are not only essential for converting proteins and sugars into energy, they are also necessary for the production and repair of cells. In their study that analyzed athletic performance of elite and collegiate athletes in high-intensity exercise, individuals lacking B Vitamins performed the worst and could not repair or build muscle as easily <4>. In another study, participants who restricted calories or limited food groups had an increased risk of being low in B Vitamins and had poor athletic performance <5>.

woman running city steps
Your fitness goals can be an uphill battle but ENERGYbits® can help. Photo by Ev on Unsplash

Chlorella and spirulina algae also improve oxygen uptake which improves your aerobic endurance and recovery. This was confirmed in a recent athletic performance study during which researchers examined the effect of chlorella on aerobic endurance and rates of recovery. Participants were given chlorella and had their peak oxygen uptake measured at various intervals during high-intensity cycling. The results of the study showed that chlorella not only increased aerobic endurance capacity, it also shortened the time to recovery after exercise <6>. Thanks, algae!

These findings are relevant for everyone, regardless if you are just starting to get into shape or are an athlete training for a competition. In all cases, you need to be sure you are getting enough B Vitamins, electrolytes and other nutrients to support your goals and your workouts. A fast, easy, plant-based, nutrient-dense, keto way to do this is with algae. Spirulina and chlorella algae tablets both contain forty vitamins and minerals including all the electrolytes and Vitamin B and are vegan, keto and raw <7>. Want to be at the top of your game? Take algae tablets. Just one ingredient, one calorie (per tablet) and no sugar, chemicals, caffeine or toxin. No wonder Olympic athletes swear by it. We are sure you will too!

Vitamin K2 in Algae Scores Again!

We’ve long sung the praises of Vitamin K2 and the important role it plays in keeping your body healthy and free of chronic disease<8>. But Vitamin K2 also plays an important role to ensure heart and bone health <9>. In one study, researchers found that Vitamin K2 deficiency can lead to calcification of blood vessels which not only impairs heart functioning (and thus your ability to enjoy summer sports), it also impairs bone health. When your heart and bones aren’t strong, it’s hard to be at your best let alone perform at your best. Vitamin K2 removes calcium out of soft tissue like blood vessels and your brain (where it doesn’t belong) and moves it into places where it does belong (e.g. bones) <9>.

And while exercising regularly is critically important to good health and peak performance you want to be sure you don’t over-exercise. This can lead to exhaustion, water retention, increased acidity (from lactic acid) and strain your joints, bones, and heart <10>. If you feel you have overdone it, add foods that are rich in Vitamin K2, antioxidants and chlorophyll. This will help your body get back to a neutral pH while keeping your heart and bones safe and strong <11>. Spirulina and chlorella algae are the most alkaline foods in the world and contain the vitamins and minerals you need to speed your recovery and restore neutral pH to your blood. As a bonus, chlorella algae also removes lactic acid which helps prevent muscle soreness.

We hope you have a great summer! Enjoy the long days and warm nights and if you want to take your fitness and well-being to the next level, we hope you’ll try ENERGYbits algae tablets. Your body says thank you. And we do too!

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