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Give the Gift of Health with Bits!

, by Catharine Arnston, 1 min reading time

Still working on your holiday shopping list? Well, ENERGYbits® is here to save the day! Our Bits make great gifts! Each bag of 1,000 tabs is attractively packaged and includes a matching, refillable travel tin so it’s easy for your friends or family to take their Bits everywhere! Even better, One Size Fits All!


Let’s face it: The holidays are tiring! Whether it’s from long nights at parties, crowds at the mall or time spent searching for the perfect gift that fits, we can all use some extra energy during this time of the year. ENERGYbits® are the answer! Spirulina is an algae that increases your energy and mental focus; its high concentration of protein (64%) keeps your hunger away; and its essential fatty acids like Omega-3 keep you alert (yeah!). Not only will ENERGYbits® help you with our own holiday endurance, when you give them as a gift, you will be improving the energy of others. Who knew that giving the gift of vitality could be so easy!


RECOVERYbits® are another great gift! Chlorella is an algae that builds your immune system, removes toxins and improves longevity. Chlorella contains over forty vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin C, zinc, and all the B-vitamins – a combination that can’t be matched by Vitamin C supplements. That’s why the Japanese take chlorella every day (not supplements). And unlike supplements, chlorella (and spirulina) are whole foods whose nutrients are fully absorbed by your body. It’s always better to be nourished by foods, especially algae which is the most nutrient dense food in the world – so says NASA and the United Nations (and who are we to argue with them!) So, go ahead and have those holiday treats and alcoholic drinks – just remember to take your RECOVERYbits® before your head hits the pillow to wake up refreshed!

All of us at ENERGYbits® wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. For more information about algae or to purchase yours, please visit www.energybits.com where you can use the discount code BITS to receive 20% off your purchase!


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