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Give Your Body a Spring Clean with Algae Tablets

, by Catharine Arnston, 11 min reading time

It’s almost spring! Snow is melting, flowers are blooming and the fresh warm air reminds us how great it is to move our bodies again! Spring is always a great time to reboot! So if you want to restore your body and mind with a spring cleanup, the easiest way is with algae. Keep reading to learn why spirulina tablets (ENERGYbits® , and BEAUTYbits®) nourish you back to health and tablets RECOVERYbits® clean out pesky toxins. I can’t wait for you to feel as fresh and vibrant as the new spring flowers!

Spring Detox with Chlorella Algae

Toxins are everywhere – in the food you eat (yes even organic), the air you breathe, the water you drink and beauty products you use. Over time, these toxins accumulate and can cause illness, inflammation, aging and disease <1>. But don’t panic! You can get rid of those toxins and protect your health with chlorella algae like RECOVERYbits® . Chlorella’s high concentration of chlorophyll (500 x arugula), high glutathione (1,000 x more than avocado) remove toxins effortlessly and easily! Its’ like giving your body and brain a power wash from the inside.

Want to know what’s even more amazing about chlorella? It removes heavy metals, pesticides and toxins safely and easily. That’s why chlorella algae has been used for decades as a chelator and recovery solution <2>. Chlorella is able to do this because it’s hard cell wall attaches to toxins and pulls them out of your blood, cells and organs and carries them safely out of your body <3>. We recommend you take RECOVERYbits® . chlorella tablets before bed because when you are sleeping, your body goes through its detox and repair cycle. This allows you to get your beauty rest while chlorella is hard at work removing toxins and you wake up fresh as a spring daisy.

But it’s not just external toxins from our environment that need to be removed daily. Did you know that every day almost 30 trillion cells in your body die every day? Yup. It’s because your body is constantly remodeling itself and creating new cells. So, what happens to the old, dead cells? Well, if you don’t remove them, they stay in your body, attract bacteria, clog your lymphatic system and can become toxic and acidic. This can contribute to fatigue, brain fog, inflammation, and even chronic disease just like environmental toxins can <4>. Yikes

Taking chlorella like RECOVERYbits® algae tablets every night is like giving your body a shower from the inside! And as a bonus, it’s high tryptophan and melatonin help you get to sleep and it’s forty vitamins and minerals flood your body, brain and immune system with dense nutrition that protect and improve your health and wellness <5>.

Mitochondria Health with Spirulina Algae

What are mitochondria and why are they important? Well, mitochondria are tiny “organelles” that generate the energy your body needs for everything. And we mean everything! Things like walking, talking, thinking, sleeping, breathing, digesting, heart beating, none of this can happen without the cellular energy called ATP and your mitochondria are the ones that make it for you. Basically, mitochondria take the food you eat and convert it into cellular energy (ATP aka Adenosine Triphosphate <6>. Unfortunately, this process also produces free radicals which damage your mitochondria and your mitochondria DNA. When your mitochondria are damaged, they can’t produce ATP and when that happens, your cellular energy drops, your inflammation increases, your health can suffer and you can develop a chronic disease. Yikes.

That’s why healthy mitochondria are the key to having a longer life, a stronger immune system, better sleep, improved brain health, stronger heart, and more physical energy. More cellular energy allows you to do more of your favorite things (like giving your apartment a spring cleaning *wink *wink).

OK let’s make it even simpler for you. Think of “cellular energy” like money. When you have more money, you can do more things, you have more choices, you have less stress and you feel, look and live better. Cellular energy is the same thing. When you have more ATP/cellular energy you can do more things, you are less stressed, you feel, look and live better and most importantly, you live longer.

Cellular energy is the currency of life and your mitochondria make it for you. They create your “fuel” for living <7>. That’s why it is soooo important to look after your mitochondria and protect them from free radical damage. And what’s the best way to do that? With three very special antioxidants that your body makes for you called glutathione, melatonin, and superoxide dismutase (SOD). These three “endogenous” antioxidants plus chlorophyll are the only antioxidants that can get into the inner membrane of the mitochondria to stop free radical damage.

Unfortunately your body stops making these three essential antioxidants once you hit the age of 30 and you can’t get them from any other food, supplement or drug. This is why chronic disease hits you hard and fast after the age of 30. It’s because your body isn’t able any longer, to give your mitochondria the natural protection.

Fortunately, we have an easy solution that replaces these critical antioxidants so your mitochondria can be protected again.

Wait for it. Its algae tablets!

Yup. Our algae tablets, but especially spirulina contain the highest concentration of the four antioxidants that can get into your inner membrane of your mitochondria and spot free radical damage. The MOST important one is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).

BEAUTYbits® and ENERGYbits® spirulina algae tablets have the highest concentration of SOD in the world and since there are 50,000 studies providing that SOD can help stop heart disease, Alzheimer’s and most other chronic diseases, it’s a pretty important nutrient!

Superoxide dismutase (SOD), is one of the few antioxidants that can enter the mitochondria’s inner membrane to stop free radical damage. How does it do this? It turns them into harmless water. Ta Da! <8>.

Quite simply, SOD is the guardian protector of your mitochondria, and our spirulina algae tablets have the highest concentration of SOD in the world. Want to live longer and better? Consider adding spirulina tablets to your daily routine.

Spirulina algae is the best source of Superoxide dismutase! <9> Not only does our spirulina have up to 10,000 x more SOD than any other foods, we are one of the few companies whose SOD is alive and works. This is a pretty big deal because SOD is an enzyme and high heat kills enzymes. Most other algae companies use high heat to dry their algae (because they are lower priced, higher volume algae suppliers and since need to get to market quickly so they can sell more, they use high heat to dry their algae). But high heat kills enzymes, including SOD. So their spirulina algae does not contain active SOD like ours does. ENERGYbits does not use high heat to dry our algae (and we never have) which is why the SOD (and all the other enzymes too) in our spirulina algae tablets are alive and well so they can protect and restore your mitochondria especially in your brain and heart. Healthy mitochondria are the key to health and longevity.

Spirulina and Chlorella Algae Help Improve Brain Health

To keep our brain healthy, we need to feed it glucose, amino acids, fat-soluble nutrients, and ketones to function properly. All these essential nutrients get to your brain through semi-permeable blood vessels <10>. When you nourish your brain with complete proteins like those found in ENERGYbits® algae, you feel your best. Spirulina algae has the highest concentration of protein in the world and the protein is already in amino acid form, so you absorb it instantly. Algae is the original source of Omega-3, DHA and GLA to improve brain health. It’s where the fish get it!

Spirulina and chlorella both have many nutrients to boost brain health:

  • High Vitamin K2 reduces calcification in the brain <11>
  • High boron increases cognitive function and protection <12>
  • High chlorophyll, restores alkaline pH, nourishes cell walls, and cleanses tissue
  • High antioxidants & EFA’s reduce inflammation <13>
  • High SOD and high RNA/DNA protects and improve telomeres/brain health
  • High plant-protein improves longevity/brain repair
  • High B vitamins Increase mental energy and focus <14>
  • High ribose in spirulina increases ATP energy & focus
  • Improves mitochondria to reduce brain inflammation and oxidative damage in the brain.
  • Improves quality of life, mood, anxiety, and depressive attitude <15>.

So, skip the fish oil and go straight to algae like ENERGYbits® spirulina. And when you do, you won’t have to worry about any fishy taste or it ever going rancid. And you’ll protect the oceans too.

Spring clean with Algae

There you have it, looking for something to detox, nourish your body and be kind to the mother earth? You just can`t get any better than algae. Check out our ENERGYbits®, BEAUTYbits® and RECOVERYbits® to jump start your spring clean with mother nature’s original food – algae!


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