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It’s Good to be Green: Chlorophyll and Detox

, by Catharine Arnston, 3 min reading time

Detox is all the rage these days. Which health nut do you know, yourself included, who has not done a juice fast, colon cleanse, coffee enema, herbal supplement program, or the like? While detox is vital to good health in today’s toxic world, many of the products on the market do little more than help you, ahem, evacuate. Moreover, some detox programs and potions may even put your health at risk. Yikes.

So, what’s a health-conscious consumer to do to detox safely and naturally? May we suggest a simple and easy solution: pump up your chlorophyll intake.

Remember back in science class, we learned that chlorophyll is the remarkable plant molecule that traps sunlight and converts it to energy (via photosynthesis), and imparts the lovely pigment found in your favorite green consumables. In addition, regarding the topic at hand, chlorophyll remains the most powerful natural detox support on the planet. Chlorophyll works to enhance liver detoxification1 and foods rich in chlorophyll can help to bind and remove toxins at the cellular level. How convenient!

Ready to jumpstart natural detox? Here’s three easy steps to boost your chlorophyll intake:

1. Eat More Green Veggies.

This may seem like a no brainer, but some days (and weeks) it’s challenging to consume a variety of healthy plants. Life happens, but striving to eat a wide array of seasonal, non-GMO produce and fresh herbs is key to staying healthy and supporting your body’s natural detox mechanisms. Get creative!

2. Drink More Green Drank.

If you struggle to eat your greens, try drinking them. Blend steamed kale or spinach into a low-sugar smoothie. Sip on green soup by blending grass-fed bone broth with your favorite steamed green veggies and healthy fats. Take a shot of wheat grass. Curate a green juice with celery, parsley, ginger, and lemon juice. Again, sky’s the limit.

3. Take Your Algae.

Algae has the HIGHEST concentration of chlorophyll in the world. Chlorella algae, in particular! Did you know chlorella has 1,000 times more chlorophyll than most greens? Chlorella also has a unique ability to pull out any toxin including mercury, lead or radiation. That’s why it was used during the disasters at Chernobyl, Hiroshima and more recently, Fukushima. So if you are finding it hard to get your chlorophyll fix with salads or smoothies, no worries! Simply have a single serving of our spirulina algae tablets (ENERGYbits or SKINNYbits) and a serving of chlorella algae tablets (RECOVERYbits) and you are all done. Up the yum factor by making your own trail mix by mixing RECOVERYbits with raw macadamia nuts and Himalayan sea salt for a perfect on the go light meal or snack.

4. Learn Even More About Algae And Greens.

Hungry for more? Want to learn even more about how to be healthy and energized with algae? Great! Check out the podcast interview of ENERGYbits CEO Catharine Arnston on the Learn True Health Podcast hosted by Ashley James. It’s an amazing interview full of nuggets of nutritional knowledge you don’t want to miss!

Give yourself a “high five” for detoxing safely and naturally and remember algae tablets make it easy!

It’s good to be green!

  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7788866


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