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Love Your Mother To Bits So She Can Stay Fit and Fab! - ENERGYbits

Love Your Mother To Bits So She Can Stay Fit and Fab!

, by Catharine Arnston, 2 min reading time

This Mother’s Day, skip the chocolate or flowers, and focus on one of the ultimate gifts you can give – amazing health. Many moms today are overloaded and exhausted keeping up with the daily tasks of modern life. The errands, work, childcare, meal prep, community events, and more, can leave mom needing a serious physical and mental well-being boost. Enter algae: the most nutrient dense superfood on the planet, packaged in perfect little green bits to give mom the energy and cellular nutrition to look and feel her best. Did we mention regular intake of algae can also keep her looking younger, longer? Woot!

Here’s the top 5 reasons mom needs algae in her life:

1. Mom needs nutritionally dense foods to power through busy days.

ENERGYbits spirulina and chlorella algae bits are loaded with iron and b vitamins to increase and maintain all-day, steady energy, totally naturally and minus the caffeine.

2. Mom needs a fast and easy snack or meal on the go.

Between board meetings and ballet practice, algae bits are a perfect way to stave off hunger, no cooking or clean-up required. The portable bits can be chewed OR swallowed (with water) offering immediate satiation. Our fans frequently remark their lack of hunger from taking the bits as a snack, meal, or while intermittent fasting.

3. Mom wants to keep her youthful glow.

A major root cause of accelerated aging is inflammation and free radical damage. ENERGYbits algae contain high amounts of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants which work to decrease cellular inflammation and slow down the aging process. In Asia, algae is even touted as “the fountain of youth.”

4. Mom wants to get, or stay, fit and trim.

Spirulina algae has been shown in studies to have multiple, strong beneficial metabolic effects. For instance, research noted its ability to improve carbohydrate management and glycemic (the effect of a food on blood sugar) control. Spirulina is also fantastic for post-workout recovery, as it can reduce muscle damage and improve aerobic fitness.1

5. Mom wants to set a good example.

One of the best ways to teach children is by example, since we know the massive impact parents’ actions can have on influencing their kids, for better or worse. When mom takes excellent care of herself, the kids notice, and the whole family reaps the rewards. Eating a clean diet, exercising regularly, and making time for self-care are vital for mom to be the best version of herself.

ENERGYbits spirulina and chlorella algae offer a simple and proven means to help mom stay fit, focused, and fabulous for the long haul. Show her some extra love this month by giving a unique, and powerful gift to support her best heath and best self. Cheers to mom!

1. Lu H-K, Hsieh C-C, Hsu J-J, Yang Y-K, Chou H-N. Preventive effects of Spirulina platensis on skeletal muscle damage under exercise-induced oxidative stress. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2006;98(2):220-226. doi:10.1007/s00421-006-0263-0.


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