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Sharing Holiday Joy with the Gift of Algae - ENERGYbits

Sharing Holiday Joy with the Gift of Algae

, by Catharine Arnston, 7 min reading time

Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? If not, we get it–this time of year can be stressful!

It’s even more nerve-wracking this year due to the pandemic. Presents to purchase, pies to bake, loved ones to call, parties to attend. The multi-tasking is endless and difficult to do while also social distancing.

ENERGYbits® has you covered. Our algae tablets are easy to gift, always fit, simple to wrap, and help solve almost most health issues. Need gifts for your family, friends, coworkers, and pets? Algae tablets will help them achieve their 2021 goals and give you peace of mind as we leave 2020 behind. What could be a better gift than that? You get all that with the gift of algae!

Even better, ENERGYbits® tablets are great for all ages. They might be tiny, but they are mighty, and you will be too when you gift them. Read on to see how ENERGYbits® spirulina and chlorella tablets support your health and the health of everyone on your Nice list! sign-up to learn more here!

A christmas tree decorated in blue and white ornaments with an ENERGYbits bag next to it
ENERGYbits spirulina tablets are perfect for keeping your energy levels high this holiday season!

Holiday Wishes Come True with ENERGYbits® and BEAUTYbits® Spirulina

Do you have a beauty-obsessed bestie on your shopping list? What about an athletic sibling or parent? Spirulina is an ingestible beauty solution and nutrition-based answer for vibrancy, health, and physical endurance. All proven by science.

BEAUTYbits product shot
Spirulina is rich in vitamins and minerals to keep you glowing all season long.

Spirulina contains healthy fats such as omega-3 that are vital for hair health and that beautiful shine we all crave <1>, <2>. A type of omega-3 called DHA is what stimulates hair growth pathways, and spirulina algae contains your daily recommended intake of DHA <3>. Spirulina also supports glowing skin and strong nails <2>, which is why BEAUTYbits® tablets are the perfect gift for your favorite beauty guru! One size fits all!

Spirulina is also a great gift for fitness buffs! It contains 64% protein and 40 nutrients that work together to improve hunger, energy, focus, and endurance for workouts. Runners and sports lovers rave about ENERGYbits® spirulina for its steady energy without stomach distress and its keto too <2>, <4>. But spirulina does even more – it helps lower bad cholesterol levels, improves heart health, and even type 2 diabetes <5>, just to name a few of its proven benefits!

ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits product shot
Spirulina contains 64% protein and is suitable for all diets and lifestyles.

Best part? ENERGYbits® and BEAUTYbits® spirulina tablets are vegan, all-natural non-GMO, and gluten-free, making it a perfect gift for all regardless of dietary restrictions.

Want more life in your holidays, skin, or workouts? You will be stunned by the results you get from ENERGYbits® and BEAUTYbits spirulina tablets!

Cheer Up your Holidays with RECOVERYbits® Chlorella

This holiday season, don’t forget about our equally fantastic RECOVERYbits® chlorella tablets. Chlorella is a wellness and detoxing algae so it supports immune health and cheers you up. Wow do we all need that now.

Simply take RECOVERYbits® before you go to sleep and you will rise and shine each morning with bounce, beautiful skin, and no hangover! <2> . That’s why we recommend adding RECOVERYbits® chlorella to your own holiday shopping list <6>!

Girl sitting at kitchen table smiling at her phone with a green juice next to her
Chlorella will help to heal your skin and leave you picture-ready for the holidays!

RECOVERYbits are also great for beauty! Do you know a teenager having acne issues or uneven skin? Give them the gift of skin health with powerful source of chlorophyll–chlorella algae <6>! Studies suggest that chlorophyll assists in wound healing and skin inflammation <7>, and chlorella algae has the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world (25x wheatgrass).

Chlorophyll is an alkaline pigment that brings oxygen-rich nutrients to your cells, and bacteria can’t live in an alkaline environment (like the kind of bacteria that causes acne). If you take chlorella, research shows you are helping support skin health by ingesting chlorophyll, among other beneficial nutrients!

Or maybe you have coworkers or grandparents with arthritis and inflamed joints? Taking daily chlorella tablets can help! In addition to containing chlorophyll, which lessens inflammation, chlorella also contains massive amounts of antioxidants, supporting bone health, and lessened achiness and swelling <8>.

Plus, we all know this season usually comes with overconsumption of food and alcohol. Meet your new holiday companion–chlorella to the rescue! There’s a reason we call our chlorella RECOVERYbits® – it helps you recover from your day, your night, your party, or even your workout by reducing inflammation and removing toxins.

RECOVERYbits® chlorella stimulates the liver and detoxes alcohol or chemicals from your system <9>. Keep your holidays happy and healthy with RECOVERYbits® chlorella tablets–your body will thank you for it!

All of us at ENERGYbits® wish you a safe, festive holiday celebration this year. You deserve it!

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family sitting down opening a present by the christmas tree

About ENERGYbits®

Algae is for everyone, and our algae tablets are organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, with only 30 calories in a serving!

Algae is a food, not a supplement or vitamin, and combined with a healthy lifestyle, can help support your body during diet changes and nutritional gaps.

Quality algae products matter if you want the desired health outcomes that this superfood brings.

Our algae is dry-pressed with no heat, and we even process our chlorella with sound vibrations rather than glass beads other brands use which can contaminate your algae with lead–no thanks!

In addition, we grow our algae in triple-filtered spring mountain water, air drying it without high heat (to preserve the enzymes). ENERGYbits® algae is also tested by a third-party lab in the USA to guarantee the best possible quality.

To learn more and stay up to date with algae, sign-up for our newsletter here!

Thanks for loving your body to bits!

-Your friends at ENERGYbit

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For more information about our algae or to purchase yours, please visitwww.energybits.com


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