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Stay Healthy for the Holidays with Algae!

, by Catharine Arnston, 8 min reading time

During the holidays it’s easy to overindulge on holiday treats, late nights or too many cocktails. But falling off your healthy routine doesn’t have to happen and we’re here to help you do that!

So, if you want to keep your immune system strong, your energy high and your skin glowing this holiday look no further! BEAUTYbits®, ENERGYbits® and RECOVERYbits® are here to ensure you can get through the busy holiday season without stress, effort (or calories!)!

Algae Tablets are Tiny but Mighty!

Algae tablets are tiny but they pack so much nutrition, you can indulge in some of those holiday treats without guilt. In fact, if you’ve had your ENERGYbits® or BEAUTYbits® spirulina tablets in the morning, you may not even want those Christmas cookies because spirulina cuts cravings and satisfies hunger for hours – all for just one calorie per tablet!

Just swallow a handful and you’re good to go! That’s why algae tablets are your ultimate “fast food”. They are also the most concentrated source of protein (3 x steak) and have the highest concentration of bio-available, unprocessed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants (40+, to be exact), and are a sustainable, eco-friendly, raw, vegan, keto food. Yup. Algae tablets are food!

Algae works hard, so you don’t have to during these stressful holidays. Algae has been proven to reduce cravings, boost metabolism, balance blood sugar, and satisfy hunger <1>.What a great way to neutralize your late-night holiday snacks or cookies and stay on point!

In fact, if you want to up your game with some treats made from spirulina- these crowd-pleaser recipes are fun, festive and healthy! Try this recipe for a party or to fuel you in the morning. Not only will ENERGYbits® give you the vitamins and minerals you need to fill any nutrition gaps, but our bits will also give you unmatched energy throughout the long holiday season!

Keep Your Energy as High as Your Holiday Spirits

Who doesn’t need more energy during the holidays? Spirulina is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. It’s packed with 64% protein, 40+ vitamins/minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, and much more. Just swallow a few tablets each morning or any time you are hungry or when your energy dips, and you will be instantly nourished and energized <2>.

Unlike other energy-boosting products, ENERGYbits® do not contain stimulants like sugar or caffeine so you never get a burst and a crash. Instead, our tiny tablets provide steady, sustained quite that is all natural. No carbs, either <3>!

Spirulina has been documented in thousands of studies as a natural energy source that improves physical and mental abilities. Researchers from Ohio State University showed that after eight weeks, participants taking spirulina demonstrated significant reductions in feelings of mental and physical fatigue <4>. With so many fun holiday events on the calendar last thing you want is low energy right? Don`t even risk it and take your bits!

Glow for the Camera

Not only does algae give you all the nutrients and energy you need, it also helps improve your sleep and restore your skin, hair and nails so you can be picture perfect for your holiday and Instagram photos!

Spirulina’s high antioxidants even stop free radical damage so you can say goodbye to wrinkles or age spots and watch your skin literally age backwards <5>. Look refreshed and say hello to natural brighter skin even with the stress of the holidays with BEAUTYbits® spirulina tablets.

BEAUTYbits® tablets are also so loaded with iron they also help reduce dark circles (from late night parties or gift wrapping), brighten your skin <6> and restore your glow – all from its forty nutrients and high collagen (more collagen than collagen powder!). Beauty is truly an inside job and algae tablets are a proven and effortless way to do that!

Not only will your skin thank you, but your hair and nails will too. The B12 in BEAUTYbits® helps your nails stay smooth, strong and healthy enough to make your holiday outfit pop a little more! Don’t forget the healthy fats (Omega-3 and GLA) help prevent hair breakage and restore your hair health with a shine. I don’t know about you, but we want perfect when we snap a picture with Santa!

Let’s face it (see what we did there LOL)… algae is literally “food for your skin” <7>. So, if you aren’t eating enough vegetables during this holiday season, don’t spend another minute worrying. The answer is fast, simple, ingestible, and scientifically proven. Simply take a few algae tablets every day and your beauty concerns will be a thing of the past. Nothing in the world can nourish your skin and body like algae. It’s a beauty tip that has stood the test of time and comes straight from Mother Nature. She’s created algae but we make it safe and pure – so you and your family (pets too!) can enjoy the holidays and let our algae do the heavy lifting!

Ditch the Hangover

So, this all sounds great right? Boosted energy, beauty, and health. But we know what you’re thinking… “what if I had too many drinks the night before, does all of that go out the door?” Thanks to RECOVERYbits® , absolutely not! We know that enjoying a few cocktails are part of the holiday scene and we’re not party-poopers. But the hangovers the next day are no fun. So if you want a fool-proof, proven way to avoid one, simply take RECOVERYbits® chlorella tablets (20 –30 tablets) before you go to bed, and voila! You will wake up fresh as a daisy – no hangover. Honest.

How is this possible you may ask? It’s because chlorella algae has been proven to remove all heavy metals and toxins, and yes, even alcohol. Chlorella’s hard exterior cell wall attaches to anything it perceives as a toxin, binds to it like a magnet and removes it from your body. This is why biological dentists give chlorella to their patients when they remove fillings (which are full of mercury) and why the United Nations used it after the Chernobyl disaster and the Japanese used it after the Fukushima disaster to remove radiation <8>.

Chlorella is also loaded with forty vitamins/minerals so it does far more than just remove the bad stuff, it nourishes you with all the good stuff too <9>! And if that wasn’t a good enough reason to take RECOVERYbits® tablets every night, consider that chlorella algae contains high amounts of melatonin (to help you sleep), fiber to feed your gut biome and the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world (chlorophyll builds your blood, cleanses your cells and kills bacteria). Chlorella even has 25 x more chlorophyll than liquid chlorophyll! Wow.

Taking RECOVERYbits® algae tablets every night not only helps you sleep and cleanses your cells, its hard cell wall removes toxin, alcohol and all the bad stuff you were exposed to throughout the day! So while you get your beauty rest, chlorella is hard at work getting rid of all the junk in your trunk (and your brain!). Think of it as your clean-up crew so you can wake up fresh and revived and ready for the day. It’s like giving your body a shower from the inside.

The Perfect Gift

Do you still need a gift for your husband, wife, mother, or best-friend? We have you covered! BEAUTYbits®, ENERGYbits®, and RECOVERYbits® are the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Algae fits into every lifestyle and eating plan from vegan to keto to paleo and its safe, easy and fast to take. Want to give the gift of health and wellness? Algae is your answer. Even better…one size fits all! In fact, our canisters are so beautiful you won’t even need to wrap them! Just put them under the tree or take them with you as a housewarming gift. And since algae is for everyone, don’t forget to gift yourself too. Self-love is the best love.

All of us at ENERGYbits® wish you a Happy Holiday Season and we hope that you enjoy the gift of health and beauty with algae tablets.


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