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Sustainable and Eco-friendly Algae Protects the Earth

, by Catharine Arnston, 5 min reading time

Want to help improve the health of Mother Earth and improve your own health at the same time? Simply include more eco-friendly foods in your diet like algae. Not only is algae the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, it’s the most eco-friendly, sustainable food in the world. That’s why at ENERGYbits it feels like Earth Day every day.

Your health and the health of the environment are closely interrelated. The food choices we make to stay healthy should also keep our earth healthy and not deplete natural resources or create toxins and pollution. But it has. The good news is that it doesn’t have to stay this way and by working together we can bring our beautiful earth back to life. It won’t happen overnight but Earth Day is one way of bringing attention to these important issues!

You and your family deserve fresh air, pure water and toxin-free food. And it is possible to have this while still honoring and enjoying Mother Nature. We just need to make better choices. Taking algae every day instead of fish oil or artificial supplements is one of those choices we hope you will make. Noted below are a few ways that explains why algae is so respectful of our planet. When you take algae every day you’ll not only be showing your body and family some love, you’ll be showing Mother Earth some love too. Happy Earth Day!

1. Algae helps improves air quality.

Did you know algae provides up to 80% of the earth’s oxygen and removes C02 from the air? Algae contain light-absorbing chloroplasts and produce oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Algae is so efficient at producing oxygen that scientists are considering relying upon it for future oxygen production on Mars.

2. Algae helps protect our oceans and fish.

Algae is a sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is where fish get their Omega-3 from and ninety five percent of all omega-3 comes from fish oil. However the high demand for fish oil has led to serious environmental problems, overfishing and coral reefs being irreversibly destroyed. According to reports from the United Nations Fisheries and Agriculture Organization, if this doesn’t stop soon, the global fishing industry could collapse by 2048.

Want to help prevent this? Simply stop purchasing fish oil and get your omega-3 from a safer, sustainable source – algae. But be sure you chose your algae wisely. Not all algae is grown as carefully as ours. Our algae is grown in Taiwan in outdoor tanks that are tested daily using triple filtered spring water. And to assure you there are no toxins, metals, pesticides or contaminants in our algae we run it through expensive testing at an FDA-approved third party lab in the USA. We share these tests with the doctors and nutritionists who work with us so if you want to get any assurances about our safety please visit our website and click our “find a retailer” to locate a doctor or wellness practitioner near you.

Carefully harvested algae like ours will not just boost your health and energy, it will preserve our oceans and fish aquaculture so there is something left for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. Omega-3 from algae is not only safer and more sustainable than fish oil, it is also vegan and never goes rancid like most fish oil. Bottom line, algae is where the fish get their Omega-3 so why not go directly to the same source for yours! You’ll be helping to protect our oceans and environment when you do.

3. Algae protects our land by being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Acre for acre, harvested algae produces 400 times more protein than beef, 200 times more protein than milk, 160 times more protein than wheat and 44 times more protein than soy. That’s why we refer to algae as efficient nutrition. The livestock industry uses a massive amount of resources in its production cycle. In contrast, hydroponically grown algae like ours takes less space per cubic centimeter, delivers more protein and nutrients per acre than any other crop.

4. Algae protects our fresh water supply.

Algae requires one tenth of the water needed for beef production and 30 times less water than other land based crops like corn. Agriculture accounts for 80% of the fresh water use in America. Yet our aquifers are drying up and water shortages are already being experienced in the USA (and other countries). Algae farming uses far less water than other crops and is one of the many reasons why algae is considered the most eco-friendly crop in the world.

5. And yes, algae is a crop. It is not a supplement.

Algae is not much different than other vegetables that are grown in water. In fact, the US Congress has been so impressed with algae’s nutrient density, protein per acre, sustainability and ability to capture CO2, that on March 23, 2018 the US Congress introduced the very first “Algae Agricultural Act.” The act will not only offer tax incentives to encourage farmers to grow algae in the US, it will offer tax deductions to companies and organizations that grow or use algae for CO2 capture and “Carbon Offsets.” With the USA government now supporting algae farming hopefully in just a few years, the sight of an algae farm will become as common as corn fields.

Are you starting to see why we are so excited about algae? Nourishing yourself and your family with efficient, ethical and sustainable food like algae can be even more environmentally beneficial than driving a hybrid car. Your food choices make a meaningful difference not just to your body, but to our precious planet too. By consuming ENERGYbits algae, you are choosing environmentally sustainable and responsible nutrition that packs a punch. We thank you and Mother Earth does too. Happy Earth Day!


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