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The Only Fitness Secret You Need During COVID-19- No Prior Knowledge Required! - ENERGYbits

The Only Fitness Secret You Need During COVID-19- No Prior Knowledge Required!

, by Catharine Arnston, 8 min reading time

What You’ll Learn

  • Algae can drastically improve your fitness during self-isolation and far beyond.
  • Consuming chlorella algae helps replenish cells and tissue quickly due to its high concentration of chlorophyll.
  • Why energy from algae is a completely different, sustainable kind of energy high that comes from nutrients not stimulants.

It’s only fifteen minutes into your at-home workout in your living-room-turned-fitness-studio, and you feel like collapsing.

And because we are in the COVID-19 pandemic, you can’t go to a spin class where your fave trainer will encourage you to keep pushing. There is no workout buddy in sight to go on a long jog at a local park.

It’s even harder to stay motivated when the fridge is full of yummy quarantine snacks, and a cold shower is feet away, waiting for you to crawl in.

This was so much easier the last time I worked out…I went for a full hour without tiring and felt amazing after! Why do I feel like passing out right now?!

The Difference

We’ve all felt it: one day we feel like a superhero, zooming through a long run or lifting session with energy to spare, and the next day, begging for mercy as our muscles scream back at us.

Even if your goals are simply to move your body more and be less stressed, rather than muscle gain or weight loss, it can be hard to stay in the zone if your workouts are so yo-yo.

Why is there such a dramatic shift in endurance?

It comes down to the other aspects of wellness: natural energy levels, nutrition, and rest.

We know you’ve heard it before….blah blah sleep blah blah eat healthy…but here’s the science behind what your body needs, and why algae is the best food for supporting an effective workout.

What’s more? You’ll enjoy moving your body A LOT more if you have the right fuel in your system.

Read on to find out more to see how such a small change can drastically improve your fitness during self-isolation and far beyond.

woman working out at home
Your longevity and fitness performance will improve when you take algae daily!

The Curse of Yo-Yo Fitness

We have all heard of yo-yo dieting, and yo-yo fitness is no different!

In fact, if your diet is ineffective and you aren’t receiving the right nutrients, it doesn’t really matter how much short-term progress you see in the mirror right now.

At the expense of sounding like your health-ed teacher lecturing you Charlie Brown-style, we offer this perspective before giving you the interesting science behind algae and fitness (we promise, it’s worth the skim-through).

With poor nutrition and rest habits, you could be damaging your nervous and muscular system as well as your skeletal system by pushing it to the max in workouts without the proper energy support.

Running Backwards in a Race

So, great, you might be thinking, I’ll take some pre-workout gummies or chug some protein shakes, problem solved!

However, the additives, unnecessary levels of refined sugar, high levels of caffeine, and toxic chemicals that are in a lot of these products are not worth the energy spike <1>!

Not to mention, the nasty side effects of chemical energy enhancers <2>. No thank you.

It’s counter-productive to exercise regularly while ingesting toxins. That’s like running backwards at the starting line in a race!

Trust us, we’ve tested this. Feeling energetic from ingesting NASA and UN-approved algae tablets is so much better for you than energy bars/drinks (that contain harmful soy, toxins or denatured protein). Energy from algae is a completely different, sustainable kind of energy high that comes from nutrients not stimulants. It is 100% plant-based, unprocessed, uncompromised food.

Here are a few cool facts about why choosing algae as a fitness fuel can be beneficial for you. We want you to be informed so you can make the best decision for yourself.

1. Most Nutrient Dense, Low Calorie Food in the World

Algae is nutrient-rich, plant-based, eco-friendly food, and has too many health benefits to even count <3>!

Algae isn’t a new and short-lived health trend. Eastern cultures have harvested and consumed algae for over 2000 years for its health benefits <4>. We think that’s a pretty good testimonial to its value and longevity!

Speaking of which, your longevity will be improved along with your fitness performance when you take it daily!

Algae has over 40 essential nutrients and vitamins, packed with everything your body needs to keep you in working order.

Getting all the nutrients your body needs means happy cells, and happy cells can replenish faster and this helps prevent muscle cramping, fatigue and strain, rebuilds tissue, minimizes recovery time and keeps you feeling more flexible and strong.

All this packed into a serving that equals out to one–that’s right, ONE–calorie!

2. Highest Levels of Protein and Iron

They call it pumping iron–but algae literally pumps protein and iron into your body, preparing muscle tissue for hard work.

In fact, spirulina algae is composed of 64% protein<5>, and it is suggested that in 30 years, over 50% of the world’s protein market will be plant-based, with one of these main sources being algae<6>.

Protein is a macronutrient that fights off invading diseases, and keeps all of your systems strong.

Algae is also a fantastic source of all your daily iron needs–up to 48% more iron than a serving of spinach<7>!

Iron keeps your red blood count high, which means maximum oxygen absorption. Without oxygen absorption, your major organs and tissues cannot perform adequately during exercise, meaning burnout, injury and definitely fatigue.

3. Antioxidants–Forever Young

Cue the song, DJ–no really.

It’s no secret that antioxidants keep our body strong and youthful, and many foods contain antioxidants, but none more than algae–think more than 1000 cherries!!!

Algae contains powerful sources of antioxidants<8> such as beta carotene. Antioxidants fight free radicals from our environment and slow all signs of aging.

This is especially good news for fitness-focused folks because a massive amount of free radicals are released from workouts. You need antioxidants like algae to be your clean- up crew so you can recover quickly and enjoy short and long term benefits from your fitness.

woman working out at home with her dog
Chlorella algae is great to take after a workout to help you detox and recover.

4. Steady, Boundless Energy

And we come to the reason you probably considered trying other pre-workout products: Energy.

Especially right now in this pandemic, with our energy levels low from being indoors and stress levels high from not knowing what’s next. It’s hard to stay mentally energized let alone physically energized. And the prospect of sticking to a fitness routine? Pretty unlikely. Right?

That’s why taking ENERGYbits® spirulina tablets daily is so important. They will not just replenish and boost your mental and physical energy naturally, they will help you lean into the inspiration you need to stay fit, all day every day.

Combining algae with exercise is also super effective in moderating glycemic levels <9>, as opposed to boost your energy with refined sugar or caffeine which often lead you to crashing quickly and feeling sick.

As for after your workout? Chlorella algae like RECOVERYbits® are great for recovery and detox since they pull out lactic acid and help you rebound and recover quickly. Definitely not something you can get from artificial energy products. Another score for algae!

Consuming chlorella algae helps replenish cells and tissue quickly due to its high concentration of chlorophyll (the highest in the world and 200 x more than spinach!).

Chlorella is also recognized world-wide as the best way to pull out toxins like lead, mercury and heck even alcohol and any other toxin that shouldn’t be there <10>. This helps you get right back on the horse–or, er, bike!


The health and fitness benefits from algae are just the tip of the iceberg, and we encourage you to browse our other blog posts or the internet in general to learn more about utilizing algae as a part of your daily fitness routine.

True wellness requires self- love and holistic life changes that honor your body. One of the ways you can do that is with the cleanest, purest, most-nutrient dense source of energy on the planet. And that would be algae. Especially ours (shameless plug).

We know you don’t need a lecture, especially about something so intimate as your body and health, so again, we encourage you to make the most informed choice that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Let’s enjoy moving our bodies together in anticipation for the warm weather and eventual end of quarantine!


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