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Want a Healthy Snack? Take Bits®. Here's Why. - ENERGYbits

Want a Healthy Snack? Take Bits®. Here's Why.

, by Catharine Arnston, 2 min reading time

1. High Nutrition & Low Calorie

ENERGYbits® have 64% protein and 40 vitamins/minerals but just one calorie per tab. A single serving (30 tabs) provides your body with complete nourishment for just 30 calories.

2. Whole Food

ENERGYbits® are 100% algae, a Non-GMO crop that is naturally grown. Since algae is a whole food, your body absorbs all of its 40 nutrients and protein quickly and easily. It is not a supplement or “engineered nutrition” or artificially produced in a lab, it is natural.

3. Satisfy Hunger Quickly

ENERGYbits® have the highest concentration of protein in the world so it satisfies your hunger and keeps you full for hours. The protein is already in amino-acid form which is why it is quickly and easily absorbed without any insulin spikes.

4. Forty Vitamins & Minerals

Algae has over forty vitamins and minerals including an impressive amount of beta carotene, vitamin B-12 and B complex, iron and minerals.

5. Steady Stream of Energy & Focus

ENERGYbits® provide a steady stream of energy thanks to their high concentration of protein, B vitamins and nitric oxide that opens your blood vessels so your brain and body receive more nourishment and oxygen which is what helps give you a boost.

6. Source of Omega-3

Omega-3 is essential for brain and heart health and reduces inflammation. Algae is the original source of Omega-3 and is where the fish get it from! Algae is the most sustainable, purest source of Omega-3 and vegan too. ENERGYbits® provide it naturally.

7. Replacement for Greens

Algae has the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world – four times that of wheat grass or liquid chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what makes plants green and strengthens your immune system. When you take algae every day, you get all these benefits.

8. No Sugar, Chemicals, Caffeine, Gluten or Soy

ENERGYbits® are plant-based nutrition. They contain no sugar, caffeine, chemicals, gluten or soy as many other energy products or snacks do. The American Heart Association has just issued strict guidelines about sugar, stating that children under the age of two should have NO added sugars at all. After the age of two, the AHA recommends no more than 25 grams of added sugar per day. ENERGYbits® are sugar-free and give you nutrients, not sugar.

9. Iron Prevents Fatigue

ENERGYbits® have a high concentration of iron – 48 more times than spinach and 28 times more than liver. Iron carries oxygen in your blood and prevents fatigue. We are not aware of any other snack or energy product that contains iron.

10. Convenient Single Servings

ENERGYbits® are now available in single serving packets (30 tabs per serving). This convenient packaging makes them easy to tuck into a pocket, handbag, gym bag or lunch bag so you always have a healthy snack handy when you are hungry or have a drop in energy or focus.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short summary of the many benefits that ENERGYbits® has to offer. There are countless others and we’d love to hear what your favorites are! -TEAMbits



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