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Want More Energy at Work? Take Bits®. Here's Why. - ENERGYbits

Want More Energy at Work? Take Bits®. Here's Why.

, by Catharine Arnston, 2 min reading time

Protein Provides Clean, Steady Energy

Work can be a fast-paced environment with no time for that quick catnap that you want to take when you hit that late afternoon drag. If your hand is quick to reach for the coffee pot or energy drink, think again because there is a healthier solution to prevent this late afternoon drag. To perform your best at work and to stay energized and focused in a healthy way, ENERGYbits® are your answer! ENERGYbits contain the highest concentration of protein in the world (3x steak) all which immediately convert to mental and physical energy because the protein is already in amino acid form and is absorbed almost instantly. Stay more energized and efficient at work with BITS and watch yourself excel!

All the B Vitamins for Endurance

Have a big project or a deadline approaching and need an extra boost to make it through the overtime hours? Get rid of the caffeine and sugar which only provide short term solutions for a boost of energy and proceeded by a crash and get yourself some ENERGYbits. Our BITS have all the B vitamins which are important for optimal brain function and contain energy boosting properties. Work is tough enough, you shouldn’t have to make tough decision when it comes to your health. Our spirulina tablets have NO sugar, NO caffeine and give you the energy boost you need simply as a result of their dense nutrition and high B vitamins.

Nitric Oxide Increases Stamina

Ever feel like you just can’t make it through the work day let alone all the way to Friday? Sounds like some stamina is needed! Thanks to ENERGYbits this can be achieved easily thanks to the abundant amount of nitric oxide in them. ENERGYbits are loaded with naturally occurring nitric oxide and when taken daily they can significantly boost your stamina. Nitric oxide is also what is responsible for opening blood vessels so blood can flow easier and oxygen and nutrients can reach the brain faster. Get the longevity you need with BITS!

Iron for Alertness

You learn something new every day so they say! To learn on the go at work can only happen if you are alert and sharp as opposed to fatigued and experiencing brain fog. Iron is the mineral that is critical for learning, memory and brain development and is responsible for carrying oxygen in your bloodstream. If you are iron deficient, your brain and body fatigue quickly and prevent you from thinking of functioning at optimum levels. Always be alert with your BITS that contain 48 times more iron than raw spinach and 28 times more iron than beef liver.

Antioxidants Fight Free Radicals

When you go for a snack in the office, choose foods high in antioxidants like our BITS! Foods high in antioxidants are excellent brain food. Antioxidants not only protect cells from radical damage but they also improve cognitive skills and slow brain aging. Your brain uses a lot of oxygen which makes the brain especially susceptible to free radical damage so protect your brain with BITS!


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