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4 Hot Health Trends of 2021 - ENERGYbits

4 Hot Health Trends of 2021

, by Catharine Arnston, 11 min reading time

If nothing else, the pandemic has taught us all that we need to pay closer attention to our health and wellbeing. This means finding products that are cleaner, more natural and have fewer ingredients. Plant-based whole foods are one of the biggest trends and rightfully so since they support both self-care and earth care.

Keep reading on to learn more about the biggest wellness trends of 2021 and how you can easily get on board! And if you want to stay in the know about all things algae, sign-up for our newsletter here!

1. Immune Boosting Products

Flu season, spending winter indoors, corona—need we say more?

Immune boosting foods may be one of the only things we all are carrying with us from the unpleasant year that was 2020. It’s no surprise that boosting your immune system and protecting your health are at the forefront of everyone’s agenda this year.

naturally boost your immune system with algae
Algae provides the most dense nutrition to feed your immune cells to help fight viruses.

I’m sure you know that eating healthy is important for a strong immune system.

But do you know why?

The vitamins and nutrients that you eat, are responsible for the growth and function of your immune cells <1>. The nutrients in your food feed the cells that your immune system creates to ward off foreign invaders like viruses.

Unfortunately, many supplements that are promoted as “immune boosting” actually don’t work. And since supplements are not regulated the same as medications are by the FDA <2>, it’s hard for you to know what is accurate. The good news is that algae isn’t a supplement – its food and it always works!

According to the Organic Consumers Association, if the vitamin/supplement has a high or seemingly unnatural potency, the product is synthetic. In other words, manmade and fake. For example, a product that provides 1,000 percent of vitamin C is unusually high and you likely will only absorb as low as 30-60% <3>. You’re better off eating an orange and some algae!

immune support chart with nutrients from algae
Studies show that spirulina and chlorella algae help to strengthen your immune system.

Did you know that chlorella algae is scientifically proven to strengthen your immune system? In one study, researchers found those who took chlorella produced more antibodies and fought off bacteria and viruses <4>. Another clinical study showed that chlorella algae boosted the production of natural killer cells, which help your body fight off viral infections <5>.

Spirulina algae, an algae containing mannose-binding lectins, help to penetrate and break down shells of viruses <6>. Other scientific studies have shown spirulina helps improve immune function of senior citizens <7>.

You can’t beat the immune support you will get from ENERGYbits algae, and it couldn’t be any easier! And even better, algae is food.

2. Longevity is the New Skinny

Finally, health is becoming the top priority over being skinny. Physical health, mental health, spiritual health and taking care of your body from the inside out is the top trend for 2021.

Longevity is not just about living longer; it’s about longer living. No one wants to be bedridden or in and out of hospitals for the last 15-20 years of their life. You want to live as long and as healthy as possible. And that requires looking at the whole picture.

woman working out with algae product next to her
Algae will help you increase the health factors that contribute to longer living and optimal health!

People used to think that life expectancy is largely determined by genetics. However, genes only contribute 25% of this <8>. Environment, diet and lifestyle are the main contributors. This is great news because that means you have a 75% chance to control your longevity!

Where to start?

Many studies link a plant-rich diet to a lower risk of premature death, as well as a reduced risk of cancer, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, depression, and brain deterioration <9>.

Did you know that algae is the most-nutrient dense food on the planet? Spirulina and chlorella algae provide all of the nutrients and vitamins you need to be healthy, live longer, and feel better <10>. Move over kale and collagen, algae is the new kid on the block <11>!

Bits of science image
Skip the fish oil and go straight to the original source of Omegas with algae!

ENERGYbits® algae helps prevent aging and disease with its plethora of nutrients, amino acids and precursors for essential hormones. It also helps you sleep better <12>, reduce stress <13>, boost your mood <13> and improve endurance and athleticism <14>– not to mention lower your risk factors for disease such as lowering blood pressure <15> and lowering cholesterol <16>.

Algae will help you increase the health factors that contribute to longer living- without a prescription and nasty side effects! Oh, and it replaces your need for eating all those vegetables too! Don’t like veggies? You are in luck! Each algae tablet contains the same nutrition as an entire plate of veggies without cooking, cleaning or eating! Easy Peasy.

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person holding a handful of algae and broccoli
Algae helps promote optimal health and help reduce the risk of disease!

3. Functional Foods with a Purpose

Functional foods are foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. They promote optimal health and help reduce the risk of disease. Not to mention they help you feel better and look better! Finally, there is growing recognition that the right food can be more powerful than medicine or expensive beauty treatments.

A lot of companies have jumped on this trend and now offer powders to add to your meals, mushrooms to put in your coffee or tincture drops to add your water. But with many of these products, you don’t truly know what you are putting in your body, do you?

algae and a question mark made out of supplements
Take the guessing out of what supplements are safe- algae is the safest, purest form of nutrition on the planet!

Some functional foods that have been on the rise lately are CBD, collagen, mushrooms, beauty elixirs and nutrition powders just to name a few. There are thousands of companies out there. So how do you choose which company to trust?

We suggest starting with the ingredients (or lack thereof). The shorter the list of ingredients is, the better. This is because your body recognizes and absorbs the nutrition found in real food better than it does synthetics <3>. That’s why algae could become your new BFF. It’s a food crop that has ONE ingredient and over forty vitamins and minerals. Algae was the first life on earth and it’s still here! And when you get your algae from ENERGYbits, not only are you getting the most nutrient-dense, safe food in the world it is 99% bioavailable because it is unprocessed.

In general, if you use functional foods and health products that are close to their natural state, your body and health will benefit more. That’s why we love algae so much! ENERGYbits® algae. Not only does it have just one ingredient, it has no carbs, is low in calories, rich in chlorophyll, and high in protein.

So instead of purchasing a pricey skin cream to boost your skin’s radiance, collagen powder to help with gut health, CBD for your recovery and fish oil for inflammation or brain health, just take algae! It does everything and is a one stop shop for all of your health and beauty need. Check out the chart below to see for yourself!

4. Personalized Nutrition

No, we’re not talking about fast-food, drive-through kind of convenience. Convenient in the terms of it fitting into your lifestyle. Is it easy? Is it realistic? Is it something you can keep up with for the long-term?

In the last decade we have seen a lot of different lifestyle diet trends like whole-30, keto, paleo, Mediterranean etc. While a lot of these diets have scientific proof to back up the benefits, they can be a lot of work, extremely limiting, temporary, expensive and not fit for the whole family.

More recently, tailored nutrition and personalized supplements has become the hot new trend. There are hundreds of companies who offer personal assessments and tailored supplements to help you achieve optimal health. But remember, not all supplements are created equal and like most “hot” diet trends, can be expensive and not as effective as real food.

Girl confused holding BEAUTYbits algae.
BEAUTYbits spirulina algae can help boost your beauty, all naturally without an expensive price tag!

We want to help you take the guessing out of which products or trend are worth it! And our answer is simple. Skip straight to algae! Not only is algae the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, your body absorbs 99% of its nutrients, and science has proven it can boost your health and beauty from the inside out! The best part? Everyone can take them, even your children and furry-family members!

Bottom line. Now more than ever, it’s important to take care of your health, and take back control of your life. A plant-based, whole-food diet that includes algae tablets from ENERGYbits® is a good and easy start. The list of benefits from algae is long but the best one might be peace of mind.


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