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Algae Love is Earth Love

, by Catharine Arnston, 9 min reading time

Personal health and environmental health are inseparable. Our lifestyle choices like transportation and food create a carbon footprint that impacts our planet’s health. That’s why making healthy plant-based food choices is a fast way to improve your health and the earth’s health too.

Living a sustainable, eco-friendly life is important to us at ENERGYbits® and we know it’s important to you too! When Earth Day rolls around, it’s often hard to know how you can do your part, we have an easy solution for you, just include algae into your daily diet!

Algae is not only good for your body but is also the most eco-friendly and sustainable crop in the world and even has a negative carbon footprint. When you consume algae you not only show your body lots of self-care, you also give the earth lots of love and care too. That’s why we call it algae love. 😊

Trending in the Right Direction

The good news is that interest in sustainable, eco-friendly, plant-based foods like algae is on the rise. This is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the damage it’s doing to our planet <1>. Take algae, for example, not only is it the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, but it’s also the most eco-friendly, sustainable food in the world. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a deeper dive so you can see for yourself…

Toxins Outside

The words “algae” and “toxicity” are often used in the same sentence on the news or in articles on the internet. But did you know that algae is actually the clean-up crew? It ONLY shows up to CLEAN UP toxins that are already present in lakes, oceans, ponds, etc.

More importantly, you need to know that when algae is grown and harvested in FRESHWATER FARMS like ENERGYbits® does, it is NEVER TOXIC and in fact, our algae is probably the safest, purest food you will ever put into your body, and we do third party testing at FDA approved labs in the USA to assure you of that.

Spirulina algae farm
Spirulina is grown in fresh water, just like other superfoods are grown in the fi

When algae is carefully grown in freshwater as a harvested food crop, it is not toxic. In fact, most water treatment plants in the United States use algae to clean your drinking water because algae kill bacteria.

ENERGYbits® spirulina and chlorella are grown hydroponically in triple-filtered spring mountain water and tested in the USA by FDA-approved labs that prove the algae tablets are 100% toxin-free, including NO neurotoxins like BMAA. While we know we’re repeating ourselves, it’s worth saying again… ENERGYbits® algae tablets may be the safest, purest food you’ll ever put in your body– but more on that later!

Toxins Inside

According to the Institute for Functional Medicine, scientists estimate that the average adult carries at least 700 toxins in their body, YIKES! Our bodies and immune systems weren’t built for this, and as they get maxed out, we get sicker and sicker, just like our planet <2>.

Our good friend, Dr. Jockers explains that when our bodies are burdened by toxins, they become dysfunctional and can’t carry out important physiological processes. Toxins can damage our body down to the cellular level.

toxic bucket theory, healthy vs. building disease vs. disease developed

Algae to the rescue…

Now that we have shed some light on toxicity in our world (and that algae isn’t the culprit) let’s take this a little further and explain how algae can actually help you take toxins OUT of your body.

Did you know algae has the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world? Especially chlorella algae which has 1,000 times more chlorophyll than most greens and 25x more chlorophyll than liquid chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the pigment that makes plants green and is a powerful cleansing nutrient (chlorophyll is the reason why your mother always told you to eat your greens!). Chlorophyll is like the blood of the plant.

To give you a hint of how important chlorophyll is to your health, consider the fact that chlorophyll and your blood have virtually the same chemical composition! The only difference is that your hemoglobin has an iron atom in the middle and chlorophyll has a magnesium atom in the middle. Other than this, they are virtually identical.

chlorophyll identical to blood image

Chlorella and Detox

Even more important than its high concentration of chlorophyll is chlorella’s unique ability to pull out heavy metals and any kind of toxin including mercury, lead or radiation (even alcohol and lactic acid!). This is why chlorella has been used for decades as a chelator and recovery solution. It was even used at Chernobyl, Hiroshima, and more recently, Fukushima <3>.

The reason why chlorella algae is able to remove toxins is due to its hard cellular wall, which attaches to toxins and pulls them out of your cells, organs, and blood and carries them safely out of your body (like a toxic magnet) <4>. There is nothing else that can remove toxins as safely and naturally as chlorella algae. Taking chlorella every day is like giving your body a shower from the inside! And as an extra bonus, at the same time the chlorella is removing toxins from your body, it is also flooding your body, brain and immune system with forty vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients to further improve your health and wellness.

In fact, the purity, safety, and high-quality control of our algae is one of the reasons we are endorsed by doctors, nutritionists, and Olympic athletes. That’s why we urge you to be careful when purchasing algae from other companies. ENERGYbits® is hyper-focused on providing you with the safest, most nutrient-dense, eco-friendly way to fuel your performance, protect your health, and ensure you and your family have the cleanest nutrition for optimal vitality. For fifty years, tens of millions in Asia have benefited from algae. Now it’s your turn! Find out why our algae is considered the safest and best.

Algae Saves Our Health and Our Planet

Did you know most algae is essential to maintaining our ecosystems? It is these tiny microalgae that provide food for all life in our oceans and lakes (from large whales to tiny shrimp). Algae use sunlight as an energy source which allows them to convert carbon dioxide into cellular tissue, and in the process, they release oxygen resources <5>. In fact, most algae increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, and this is what makes the water healthy for fish and other sea creatures who live in the ecosystem.

Scientists are even experimenting with growing algae in space for oxygen <6>, out of this world cool right? But algae is important for us land creatures too! In fact, algae is largely responsible for providing us with 80% of Earth’s oxygen and absorbing our CO2 <7>. So, let’s all have a moment of gratitude for algae and give algae a pat on the back for helping us breathe! Namaste.

algae restores our oceans and protects our land

Algae does so much more than just provide us with air to breathe. It has the potential to solve most of our environmental, food and sustainability challenges while playing a pivotal role in reversing the impacts of climate change at the same time.

“Algae uses less than one-tenth as much land as traditional crops, and grows ten-times more rapidly, freeing up the land for alternative use.”

Let’s take a deeper dive to see how algae can help save your health and help save the health of our planet.

Algae is so sustainable and nutrient-dense; it is changing the world:

  1. Algae protects the air: it provides up to 80% of the oxygen on earth <8>
  2. Algae protects the ocean: itis a sustainable source of protein & Omega-3 <9>
  3. Algae protects the land: it provides 200x more protein per acre than cattle <10>
  4. Algae protects the water: it uses 50-80x less water than cattle or corn <11>
  5. Algae has zero carbon footprint: it has zero waste and is 100% utilized <12>
  6. Algae kills bacteria: it is used in most city water treatment plants globally <13>
  7. Algae is multi-purpose: it’s used in fabrics, packaging and food <14>
  8. Algae as biofuel is a renewable energy source and causes no pollution <15>
  9. Algae is safe: it is safe for all ages including children, pets and the elderly
  10. Algae reduces the need for other supplements, collagen or even greens s

At ENERGYbits® we like to say that “every little bit helps.”

As you’ve learned, algae not only is extremely important for the health of our planet, but it’s also extremely important for your health. We make thousands of choices a day, and why not choose a simple solution that will benefit you and our precious Mother Earth? Algae is already doing its part to save our world, it’s time to do yours with ENERGYbits® algae!

At ENERGYbits® we proudly support sustainability and celebrate Earth Day every day. You can too! Visit us at www.energybits.com to purchase yours and start your journey to sustainability.

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