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Algae: The Original Wellness Biohack

, by Catharine Arnston, 5 min reading time

The term “biohack” is all the rage these days. But what does it actually mean? Biohacking is simply taking control of your environment so you can improve your mental and physical biology, increase your longevity and improve your health and performance. Who doesn’t want that!

While biohacking is a relatively new term, the desire to slow aging isn’t. That’s why we want to be sure you know that the oldest and best biohack is to give your body the nutrition it needs from unprocessed, chemical-free whole foods. Quite honestly, the best way to do that is with Mother Nature’s original biohack – algae. Noted below are just a few of the hundreds of reasons why algae helps you turn back the hands of time, improves your chances for longevity and protects you and your family’s wellness. Are you ready to look and feel more amazing? Good! Let’s do this!


Algae was the first food on earth and 4 billion years later it still offers the most complete nutritional profile of any food which is why NASA <8> has used and endorsed algae <9> for decades. Spirulina algae (we call ours ENERGYbits and BEAUTYbits) is regarded as one of the most protective, functional and healing foods of the 21st century and boasts an unmatched nutrient profile and benefits. <1>

Spirulina has the highest concentration of protein <2> in the world and its powerhouse of 40 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients <3> work synergistically and naturally to elevate energy, improve mental focus <15> enhance skin & hair health <14>, improve athletic performance <17> boost vitality, reduce inflammation <16> and support optimal health. In 1974 the United Nations <18> even identified spirulina as the answer to world hunger <4>. Wow.

The knowledge of spirulina’s health benefits have been documented for fifty years in over 25,000 scientific studies so there is no question that spirulina’s benefits are all evidence-based and contribute to your longevity and optimal health. With our food supply and environment so toxic and our health and families suffering, instead of asking yourself why you and your family should take algae every day, maybe you should be asking yourself why wouldn’t you!


Our other favorite algae for biohacking is chlorella. Chlorella algae (we call ours RECOVERYbits) is world recognized for its wellness and medicinal properties <5> including its unique ability to chelate metals <6> including mercury and lead.

Chlorella algae has the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world. Chlorophyll is what makes plants green and it is essential for cellular health, cleansing your body and helping to prevent disease such as lung disease <10> <12>.

Chlorella also has high amounts of bio-available iron, RNA/DNA, chlorella growth factor, and forty other vitamins and minerals that help to boost your immune system, speed cellular renewal, support mitochondria function, reduce aging <11> accelerates recovery <20> from athletics and improve eye health <13>. Chlorella even removes alcohol so it helps reduce hangovers (woot!).

Chlorella algae also contains a rare source of natural Vitamin K2 which supports heart and bone health <19> and skin health <21>. In fact recent research has found that heart disease is due to calcification of your blood vessels. Only Vitamin K2 can remove this calcium out of your blood vessels and move it into your bones where it should be. To learn more about Vitamin K2 is and why everyone is deficient in it, check out the book called Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox which you can purchase on Amazon.

Take a handful of chlorella tablets every night or after a workout to flood your body with its healing, cleansing recovery and biohack properties. You can swallow or snack on them either alone or with macadamia nuts, blended with smoothies, added salads, trail mix or anything you like. We love them with slices of fruit or even dark chocolate and sea salt. Yum.

In Summary

Adding ENERGYbits spirulina and RECOVERYbits chlorella algae to your daily routine will boost your energy, health, longevity and vitality. If you’re still not convinced, check out this recent by article in Psychology Today <7> by nutritionist/neuroscientist Dr. Nicole Avena PhD who writes about the benefits of our algae.

If you’re ready to take your wellness and wellbeing into your own hands with algae, visit us at ENERGYbits to purchase the cleanest, purest, safest, most nutrient dense algae available. If you don’t have our 20% discount codes, please email our Customer Care Manager Corey Imparato (customercare@energybits.com) who will be happy to email it to you! If you’re still undecided but want to try a sample we have good news! You can purchase single servings online or from a retailer near you!

Please note that all our algae tablets are naturally grown, non-GMO, keto, vegan, unprocessed whole food. They have one ingredient, one calorie, zero net carbs, FORTY vitamins and minerals, high amounts of EFA and 5 gram of protein (per serving of 30 tabs). Algae is a whole food which is why both the FDA and US Congress <23> recognize algae as a food crop, not a supplement.


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