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Algae: Your One-Stop-Shop for Health and Self-Care

, by Catharine Arnston, 12 min reading time

Women and mothers should be celebrated every day and not just on Mother’s Day! Mothers are multi-taskers, cheerleaders, chefs, boo-boo fixers, shoulders to cry on, chauffeurs, housekeepers, caretakers, and problem solvers. The demands placed on mothers is never-ending!

As a result, motherhood requires women to constantly balance the role of offense and defense. Protecting their child and providing them with the best nutrition starts from the day of conception through teenage years. It’s a big responsibility and in the process, their own self-care needs are often forgotten.

We’re here to help fix that. Algae tablets are an easy, efficient, science-backed, foolproof nutritional solution that provides all women the energy and nutrients they need to preserve their health, beauty and mental health. Algae tablets are nutrition insurance that effortlessly gives mothers and their families the nutrients they need. This superfood is a secret superpower that improves a mother’s energy, strength, sleep, beauty and mental health. And it’s a gift to us from mother nature. And we all know “mother knows best!”

Want to reap the maximum nutritional and beauty benefits from something that is effortless, unprocessed and scientifically proven to work? Keep reading to find out why algae tablets are not just a girl’s best friend, they are a staple food for every mom or mom-to-be!

Good Nutrition is Needed Every Day

Women are advised to make healthy lifestyle and dietary choices or changes from the moment they find out they are pregnant.

Did you know that pregnancy and breastfeeding deplete moms of several nutrients in the body? Heck, it’s hard work growing another human! And in the process of doing so, a lot of nutrients that moms consume get redirected to the baby. That’s why moms are recommended to increase their intake of certain nutrients like iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and others <1>.

Studies show that nutrients in the first three years of a child’s life (including in utero) have a major impact on brain structure and development <2>. Failure to optimize brain development early in life appears to have long-term consequences concerning education, job potential, and adult mental health <2>. That’s a lot of pressure on moms!

Mother and daughter hugging with tulips and ENERGYbits products.
Algae gives mom all the nutrients she needs to maintain energy and fulfill all of her mom-duties.

Algae is More Nutrient Dense than any Food or Supplement

Unfortunately, most prenatal supplements on the market fall short on key ingredients and don’t come close to supplying enough nutrition for mom and baby. Not to mention, most are made with high heat (that degrades the nutrients) and most of them also contain synthetic ingredients, chemicals or fillers that could cause more harm than good.

Also, unfortunately, food is simply not as nutritious as it once was. The soil is depleted of nutrients and overcropping has dramatically resulted in the quality of our fresh produce <3>.

The reality is that today, most of our food is processed and stripped of critical nutrients. It is saturated in unhealthy fats, chemicals, sugar, preservatives, and fillers that are damaging and have even a greater negative on the health of pregnant moms and their unborn children. Sadly, even if you are eating a whole food diet, you may still be absorbing unnecessary toxins and missing the important nutrients you need for your own health and that of your unborn child.

Algae Tablets are Mom’s Best Friend

We don’t want to sound the alarm bells because heck, moms already have a lot on their plate! We just want to make it easier and safer for moms to get the nutrients they need and remove the toxins they don’t. The best, easiest, proven way to do both is with spirulina and chlorella algae tablets. Together, these two types of algae tablets remove all the worry and all of the effort mothers currently face when trying to get enough vitamins and minerals for themselves and their children (both in vitro and already born!).

Spirulina: ENERGYbits® algae tablets contain all the important vitamins for a baby’s development; iron, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), choline, and more! <4>

Chlorella: RECOVERYbits® chlorella algae tablets contain many of the same nutrients as spirulina and also have the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world (so they can virtually replace the need for vegetables) and they also remove toxins effortlessly

Fun fact: in Asia when newborn babies cannot digest their mother’s breastmilk, they are given spirulina. The nutrient profile is practically identical.

Spirulina for Growing Baby and Beyond

Every cell in the human body contains protein. You need protein in your diet to help your body repair cells and make new ones. Protein is also important for growth and development in children, teens, pregnant women, and everyone in between!

Pregnant mom doing yoga with ENERGYbits products.
Spirulina provides complete protein- important for growth and development in children, teens, pregnant women, and everyone in between

Did you know spirulina has the highest protein in the world, (made up of 64%, 3 x the amount of protein as steak)? It is technically a bacteria without a cellulose wall, so it is absorbed instantly to satisfy your hunger. Spirulina also has forty vitamins and minerals, including all the B Vitamins that give you energy, so it energizes your brain and body at the same time! Double bonus for busy moms on the go.

Iron is another essential nutrient for pregnant women. Women’s iron needs double during pregnancy to help make more blood to supply oxygen to the baby. Spirulina has a great source of iron, which will help with red blood counter iron deficiency anemia <5>.

Thinking About Starting a Family? Algae Can Help…

Fertility rates have dropped by 50% over the last few decades. The good news is we can do something about it…

mother and son doing yoga on the flood with ENERGYbits products
ENERGYbits chlorella and spirulina are safe for children of all ages!

There are many factors contributing to the lower fertility rates and causing couples to have a much harder time conceiving than their grandparents did. Scientific research has shown it is primarily due to our lower quality food supply, our exposure to environmental toxins, and our increased stress levels, all of which can cause nutrient depletion and mitochondrial damage <6>.

Mitochondria Health is the Key

Mitochondria have the greatest influence on our health and the health of our future children. Mitochondria are the tiny organelles found in every cell. They are known as the “powerhouse of the cell” and produce your cell’s energy called ATP but they also control all of the activities and communications in your cells so your body knows how to digest, think, sleep, walk, talk and frankly do anything.

Fun facts about mitochondria

Having lots of healthy mitochondria are your key to having a healthy life. The problem is, that as we age and as we are exposed to damaging elements in our environment, we have fewer mitochondria, and the few that stick around are increasingly damaged. This causes poor health, contributes to disease, aging and reduced cellular communication including the reduced fertility. Additionally, damaged mitochondria affect the health of a mother’s mitochondria DNA which can be passed on to her child <7>.

Damage to mitochondria DNA

To put things into perspective our bodies contain over thirty trillion cells and inside EACH cell are millions or tens of thousands of mitochondria for a total of over 100,00 trillion mitochondria <8>. A mother’s egg has six hundred thousand mitochondria per cell. This is important to know because all mitochondria DNA comes from the mother. Wow, right? Mom’s rule when it comes to mitochondria! So, if you are trying to conceive or even if you aren’t all women need to take care of their mitochondria because if they don’t, they may have health issues, including some that may affect their ability to conceive.

What’s the best way all women can protect their mitochondria? Give your body a daily supply of a particular antioxidant called superoxide dismutase (SOD). This antioxidant is one of the few that can penetrate the inner membrane of the mitochondria and protect it from free radical damage caused during the production of ATP.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is one of the few antioxidants that can cross the inner mitochondria membrane to reduce and remove free radicals <9>. And the most amazing thing is that raw spirulina algae like ENERGYbits® and BEAUTYbits® have the highest concentration of SOD of any plant <10>. And even better, the SOD in raw spirulina is absorbed so quickly, that it is not destroyed during digestion and safely makes it way to your mitochondria where it can neutralize those damaging free radicals and reduce them to water!

SOD solution for mitochondrial health.

But not all spirulina contains active SOD. This is because SOD is an enzyme ad most spirulina companies use high heat to dry their spirulina, which kills all enzymes, including SOD. ENERGYbits® is one of the few (or only!) company that does not use high heat to dry our spirulina, so all our enzymes are alive and active including Superoxide Dismutase.

Raw spirulina is important for SOD and mitochondrial health.

Chlorella Algae is Mom’s Clean-Up Crew

Chlorella is equally important for all women but especially moms because it has a unique ability to pull out pesticides, heavy metals, and any kind of toxin including mercury, lead, or radiation <11>.

Unfortunately, the average adult has 700 toxins in their body <12>. All since toxins negatively impact your health, your longevity, your beauty and most importantly for moms, your fertility and the health of your growing baby. You need to remove them. Chlorella algae-like RECOVERYbits® is the safest, easiest and scientifically proven way to do this.

Chlorella algae has a hard cellular wall that attaches to toxins and pulls them out of your cells, organs, and blood, and carries them safely out of your body. There is nothing else that can remove toxins as safely and naturally as chlorella algae. Taking chlorella every day is like showering your body from the inside! And at the same time the chlorella is removing toxins from your body, it is also flooding your body, brain, immune system (and your baby!) with forty vitamins and minerals to further improve your health and wellness.

Mother and son on the beach with ENERGYbits products.
Both spirulina and chlorella algae are jam-packed with 40+ nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, omega-3s, and more!

Bonus: chlorella contains the highest concentration of tryptophan, which is a precursor to melatonin. This can help to ensure mom gets a restful night’s sleep and stays healthy and strong for her family.


Optimal nutrition is linked to good brain development, healthy birth weight, reduced risk of pregnancy complications, and sending genetic messages that can be passed down to multiple generations. Both spirulina and chlorella algae are jam-packed with 40+ nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, omega-3s, and more! It’s a one-stop shop for health and nutrition, something all moms can appreciate.

No matter where you are in your motherhood journey, algae can help. The best part? It’s safe for the ENTIRE family. From your pets to infants, to grandparents, and everyone else in between.

ENERGYbits® is the most trusted source of algae nationwide. Our algae tablets are used, endorsed and sold by doctors nationwide because they provide a reliable, concentrated, safe source of spirulina and chlorella. Mothers can rest assured knowing that with the help of our algae, she is setting up their family (and herself) for optimal health and longevity.


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