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Back in the Groove With Algae - ENERGYbits

Back in the Groove With Algae

, by Catharine Arnston, 13 min reading time

September is the month we lose our summer mood and jump back into our working groove. It’s fun to feel that rush of adrenalin again but a change in seasons and heightened stress levels can also cause health issues. Fortunately there is a proven, safe and easy way to stay nourished, healthy and energized through this transition. Algae tablets.

Algae is endorsed by the United Nations and NASA as the most protein-rich, nutrient-dense food in the world and it long list of health benefits are documented in tens of thousands of scientific studies <1>.

Did you know algae is a food crop grown in fresh water farms so massive they are the size of 10-20 football fields! That’s why you can’t grow algae in your backyard like you can tomatoes or carrots! And hey, you don’t need to grow algae anyway because we do it for you!

Even better, we make our algae SUPER easy and SUPER convenient to take! No mixing, no cooking. Nadda. Just swallow a few of our tiny tablets and you’re done! Easy peasy. Our algae tablets are so tiny, you can carry them with you in a pocket or handbag to work, school or the gym.

Just swallow a few tablets in the morning or before zoom calls or gym trips and you will be focused and brilliant for hours (well we hope you’ll be brilliant!). Or take them while stuck in traffic or during your commute and you’ll feel so chill, you won’t worry about that person who cut in front of you! Just a few tablets with water will improve your focus, energy, mood and hunger for hours- all for just one calorie per tablet.

Ready to power your way through September without hitting a bump, breakout, cold or fatigue? Great! Keep reading to learn your ABC’s and 123s of algae…

What are bits?

We refer to our algae tablets as bits® because they are nutritionally dense bits of food. Algae is a sustainable, non-GMO vegetable crop we grow organically in triple-filtered spring mountain water and press into tiny tablets. We offer two types of algae (spirulina and chlorella) both of which are sold as tablets that contain at least 60% protein, 40 vitamins/minerals and high chlorophyll, but NO caffeine, sugar, soy, binders, gluten, toxins, chemicals or processing. Nothing added. Nothing subtracted. Just 100% pure nutrition. The way food should be.

  • high protein of 60% – 64% (3x steak)
  • high beta carotene (20x carrots)
  • high chlorophyll (500x arugula)
  • high antioxidants (45x broccoli)
  • high organic iron (48x spinach)
  • high vitamins and minerals (over 40)
  • high electrolytes including magnesium, potassium, calcium
  • high essential fatty acids including Omega-3
Plate with one algae tablet and plate with vegetables
Just one tiny tablet is equivalent to nutrition in a heaping plate of vegetables

What’s The Difference Between the Two Algae?

SPIRULINA IS AN ENERGIZING, NOURISHING BLUE-GREEN ALGAE. Spirulina’s high protein (3x steak), high antioxidants, Omega-3, forty vitamins and minerals help improve hunger, energy, focus, beauty and nutrition <2>. This keto, plant-based food can replace your multi-vitamin, fish oil, collagen, biotin, snacks, protein and sports fuel. Our spirulina is spirulina platensis – the type of spirulina with the highest nutrient density and highest protein. Our two brands of spirulina algae are ENERGYbits® (because spirulina is energizing and satisfies your hunger) and BEAUTYbits® (because spirulina builds collagen, free radicals stop wrinkles and it nourishes your beauty from the inside)

BEAUTYbits spirulina canisters
ENERGYbits spirulina canisters

CHLORELLA IS A HEALTH, WELLNESS & DETOX GREEN ALGAE. Chlorella’s high chlorophyll (1000x greens), high RNA/DNA, high fiber, 40 vitamins/minerals remove toxins and help improve immune health, gut health, longevity and sports recovery <3>. This plant-based food can replace veggies/greens, sports recovery fuel or multi-vitamins. Our chlorella is chlorella pyrenoidosa – the most nutrient dense chlorella with the highest chlorophyll to cleanse and build your cells. Our chlorella brand is called RECOVERYbits® because it helps you recover your health or recover from sports, recover from drinking or recover your beauty.

RECOVERYbits chlorella canisters

Can’t decide which algae to take? We got you covered! Try VITALITYbits® that are a blend of both spirulina and chlorella algae!

VITALITYbits spirulina/chlorella canisters

What’s the difference between ENERGYbits and BEAUTYbits?

There is NO difference at all between BEAUTYbits® and ENERGYbits®. They are exactly the same . They are just packaged in different colors.

The reason why we have two spirulina algae brands is because women ‘s health is VERY important to us! In fact, our Founder started our company as a result of helping her younger sister recover from breast cancer (she’s ten years cancer free!). But she when women told her they didn’t like the blue packaging of ENERGYbits®, she realized she needed to create a second brand of spirulina that would be more appealing to women. So she created a second brand of spirulina, called BEAUTYbits® and packaged it in pink to help women feel more comfortable buying our algae.

pink sneakers with BEAUTYbits spirulina

Who Should Take Algae?

Everyone! Our algae tablets are “bits of food” that contain so safe, easy and nourishing anyone of any age will benefit enormously from them. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, children, working professionals, bio-hackers, moms, students and yes your grandparents too- especially to protect their brain health. And yes love our algae tablets too. Our algae is for everyone.

Algae for brain health card, two elderly people

A micronutrient powerhouse! Certified organic. Third party tested. As a health coach, ENERGYbits® algae is one of the few products which lives up to the hype and can enhance virtually any of my clients’ diets or lifestyles.

Jorge Roman- Live Damn Well Podcast

How Many Do You Take?

You may only need 2-3 tablets per serving to feel a difference. Take more as needed! And take as many servings a day as you like to help improve energy, sports, intermittent fasting, focus, immune health, hunger, nutrition, longevity, beauty and overall wellness <4>. Your body will tell you what you need.

Remember, algae is a food so you can’t take too many! And if you want to know exactly how many tablets we recommend, just visit us at www.energybits.com and click on the brand you are most interested in to find the nutrition chart AND the recommended number of tablets to take for your specific health purpose.

chew, swallow, blend image

By the way, most people swallow their bits (or add them to smoothies) but you might want to try chewing RECOVERYbits® chlorella which taste AWESOME with sea salt , almonds or macadamia nuts! They’re great on salads too for a crunchy garnish! Heck make happy faces with them on your plate. Algae is happy food!

hand holding green smoothie
ENERGYbits algae can be swallowed, chewed or crushed and added to smoothies!

When Do You Take Them?

Take your algae tablets any time you like, as often as you like. Remember, they are just a dried vegetable and an ingestible FOOD (not a supplement).

when to take image; morning, night and workouts

Take spirulina tablets in the morning or afternoon whenever you are tired or hungry.

Spirulina is also great to take before a workout and it will power you through your run, gym session or sports competition effortlessly with keto, vegan protein and nutrition <5>.

Take chlorella tablets at night before bed to help with detox, cellular repair, sleep, bowel movements. Definitely also take chlorella tablets AFTER a workout. They will help pull out lactic acid so your muscles aren’t sore the next day and the high protein and chlorophyll will help peed your muscle repair and recovery. As a bonus they will also remove alcohol so take them after a night of celebration <6>.

workout equipment and ENERGYbits spirulina box and RECOVERYbits canister
Spirulina’s high protein (3x steak), high antioxidants, Omega-3, forty vitamins and minerals help improve hunger, energy, focus, beauty and nutrition.

Our Specific Suggestions:

ENERGYbits®: Take any time but especially in the morning to jump-start your day! Take them before a run or before any athletic or mental activity or anytime you are fatigued or hungry.

RECOVERYbits®: Take any time but since your body detoxes while you sleep. Take them after sports for faster recovery. Will remove alcohol and all toxins (lactic acid, mercury, lead)

VITALITYbits®: Take any time. These are a great replacement for your one-a-day vitamin.

BEAUTYbits®: Take any time when hungry, before any athletics or as part of your beauty routine.

How Is Your Algae Grown?

Like many vegetables, our algae is grown in water. We grow it organically in outdoor farms in Taiwan, using triple filtered spring mountain water to ensure its purity and safety. We then air dry the algae into powder and press it into tiny tables we call bits.

Our growing and drying processes are done with the most rigorous standards of quality and purity which we have been awarded the GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Procedures) and ISO9000 certification. We then import the tablets in bulk to the USA where we test them at an FDA-approved third-party lab for purity after which they are packaged at an FDA-approved facility so we can share them with all of you!

In order for the body to absorb the chlorella, the cell wall needs to be cracked. We use a special method called Sound Vibration to crack the cell wall. This is the only method that guarantees there will not be any lead in the chlorella and preserves all the nutrition since no heat is used.

spirulina algae farm
Spirulina is grown and harvested just like any other food crop.

Are They Safe?

YES! We do third party lab testing in the USA at an FDA approved lab to confirm the nutrition, safety and purity of all our algae. We also test for heavy metals (lead, mercury etc.) and neurotoxins and share all these lab tests with our practitioners so you can be 100% confident our algae is safe.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, remember that our algae tablets are “bits of food”, not pills. They contain no binders, no fillers, no animal products, no chemicals, no sugar, no caffeine, no gluten or anything artificial. Just jaw-dropping amounts of protein and nutrition. Algae has no known drug interactions however since chlorella pulls out toxins, it MAY detect any medications you are taking as a toxin, so we recommend you take chlorella (RECOVERYbits®) at least 2 hours before or 2 hours after you take any medications.

Is There Science?

YES! All of our claims are 100% backed by science. Did you know algae is the most studied food in the world? There have been tens of thousands of scientific and nutritional studies done on algae. If you would like any of this research, please visit our website or contact us – we have over 2,000 links to NIH, Pub Med studies and have written over 300 reports ourselves.

Is Algae Sustainable?

Algae is the most eco-friendly, sustainable crop in the world. It uses one tenth of the water as traditional crops, it generates 200 times more protein per acre than cattle ranching and captures carbon dioxide while it’s growing <7>. Algae also releases so much oxygen to the air that it provides over 80% of oxygen on earth and it helps slow the deterioration of the ozone layer.

Earth health postcard

How Do I Learn More?

If you want to learn more, sign-up for our newsletter here!

Interested in joining us as an affiliate partner or a wholesale partner? Fill out the forms or email Steph at splaisted@energybits.com

If you have more questions, please feel free to email us at customercare@energybits.com


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