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Reasons Why All Moms Need Algae

, by Catharine Arnston, 11 min reading time

Women are superheroes who wear many hats (or capes!). Especially moms!

All women are multi-taskers but the stress and demands on mothers is relentless. Moms rarely have the time to take care of themselves and this can easily lead to exhaustion, fatigue or even depression.

If you need more energy or are looking for an easy, whole-food solution that makes it easier for you to give your family the nutrients they need without any work, you are in the right place.

Superfoods like spirulina and chlorella algae tablets will soon become your best friend and a “must-have” for every woman, mother and child.

Algae tablets are scientifically proven to be the easiest, fastest, most nutrient-dense, toxin-free food in the world that improves your energy, health and vitality naturally and easily. That’s why we think they should be in every mom’s purse, gym bag or diaper bag.

Keep reading to find out why algae is a game changer for all women, but especially moms.

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A mom’s life is exhausting. You’ve probably already tried “quick fixes” like caffeine, supplements or naps to sustain your energy to get you through the day. But these are just short-term fixes for the bigger problem which is often nutrition-related.

When your body is missing key nutrients, it is impossible to think clearly or perform optimally. Low energy is just the tip of the iceberg when you aren’t getting the nutrition you need.

ENERGYbits will help energize mom to keep up with her kids.

So, just imagine how great you will feel when you have all the energy and nutrition you need to handle all of your mom duties- without any extra work, groceries or cooking!

Spirulina algae has been documented in thousands of studies as a natural source of energy that improves both physical and mental abilities. Researchers from Ohio State University showed that after eight weeks, participants taking spirulina demonstrated significant reductions in feelings of mental and physical fatigue <1>.

Just swallow a few ENERGYbits® or BEAUTYbits® spirulina tablets in the morning or whenever you are hungry and tired. This superfood decreases your hunger and boosts your energy for hours for just one calorie per tablet. In fact, a study done on the effect of spirulina on blood glucose levels found that spirulina helps prevent “crashes” of blood sugar levels <2>. No mommy meltdowns with algae!

In addition, spirulina contains high amounts of B Vitamins which convert glucose and aminos into energy. And let’s not forget about the other forty vitamins and minerals and Omega-3 found in spirulina. All of this means more energy for mom!

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Did you know that what you put in your body has a far more powerful impact on your health and beauty than what you put on it? Supporting science confirms proper nutrition is the most effective way to protect your skin from aging <3>.

Boost your beauty from the inside out with algae, all naturally!

Eating a nutrient-dense whole-food diet can help prevent premature wrinkles and boost your skin collagen and improve skin radiance and glow <4>. That’s why taking algae tablets every day is quite simply, the fastest, proven way to give your skin the nutrients it needs to stay young.

I have been taking BEAUTYbits® daily as a snack or blended into my smoothies. And I have noticed such a drastic improvement in my skin, it is glowing!

-Erica Stein Courageous Wellness Host + INHC

Which nutrients are needed for skin health? The list is long and algae has them all! Including Vitamin K2 (which protects elastin); plant-based protein (which builds collagen), chlorophyll (which reduces blemishes and age spots); antioxidants (which reduces free-radical damage) <5>. Both chlorella and spirulina algae are loaded with so much Vitamin K2, antioxidants, protein and chlorophyll they are the easiest way to help keep your skin looking young, clear, and radiant all year and all naturally <6>.

In fact, if you have been taking collagen powder for beauty, you might want to switch over to algae which contains virtually the same amount of protein as collagen. Algae also has a high concentration of antioxidants (to fight nasty free radicals), Vitamin K2 to help prevent wrinkles and high chlorophyll to cleanse <3>. Algae is also loaded with iron to reduce dark circles and brighten your skin. It’s tough to get enough iron in your diet. Luckily, algae is packed with it!


Being a mom is a full-time job. Moms clock-in to their “mom-job” the second they wake up and don’t clock-out until long after children have been put to bed and the dishes in the sink are cleaned. Holding down a full-time career on top of being a full-time mom leaves virtually no “me-time” so it’s no wonder they frequently get mom-brain.

Algae are jam-packed with vitamins that help fight fatigue and improve your mental focus and mood.

The brain requires specific nutrients to function optimally and if it doesn’t get them, you can’t think or focus effectively at home or work <7>. The sad reality is these days virtually no one is getting the nutrients they need for an optimal brain or body. This is because our food supply and soil is so damaged we aren’t getting the same nutrition in our meals as we did fifty years ago.

Fortunately, there is a safe and proven solution. Algae tablets are endorsed by NASA and the United Nations as the most nutrient-dense food in the world. That’s why algae tablets are a game changer for your heath, your body and your brain.

Not only is spirulina loaded with boron (that boosts cognitive thinking); it has high protein and essential fatty acids (Omega-3) that feed your brain as much as salmon but without the toxins or damage to the ocean eco-system. Not to mention chlorella algae has the highest concentration of chlorophyll in the world and remove toxins from your brain (including mercury, lead and other heavy metals). Both algae are jam-packed with vitamins that help fight fatigue and improve your mental focus and mood <8>.

Even better? Algae tablets are so convenient, you can take them anytime, anywhere. At home or on the go. Just swallow a few and your nutritional needs for the day are met.


Every mother wants to feed her family and kids the best nutrition! But children are notoriously picky eaters, especially when it comes to eating vegetables. Algae tablets to the rescue!

Giving your children a few algae tablets every day means you never have to worry again about whether they are eating enough vegetables or protein. In fact, each tiny tablet of spirulina or chlorella contain the same nutrition as an entire plate of vegetables but without any of the work, cooking or fights with your kids to “eat their veggies.”

One tablet of chlorella or spirulina contain the same nutrition as an entire plate of vegetables!

Algae makes moms happy and their kids too!

One study even found that nutrition in spirulina algae helped reverse the effects of malnutrition of children <9>. The amino acids, fats, and abundance of vitamins and minerals found in spirulina were responsible for the improvement <9>.


Long workdays or days home with the kids may have you yearning for an afternoon nap. But busy moms have no time for that! So, for a quick pick-me-up, look no further than algae.

Spirulina (ENERGYbits® and BEAUTYbits®) has high amounts of B vitamins- nutrients which help the brain produce a happy and balanced mood <10>.

“My deep sleep score is up, on average, 33 minutes a night since adding RECOVERYbits® chlorella tablets to my nightly routine. I’m a bit of a sleep geek, and am all about measuring data.”

Tina Gammon, Neurohacker

Chlorella (RECOVERYbits®) has high amounts of tryptophan. Tryptophan is the precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin (which improves your mood) and melatonin (which helps you sleep <10>. Tryptophan not only helps normalize serotonin it has even been found to reverse many symptoms of aging, including irritability, mood disorders, poor sleep, anxiety, and stress <11>. Want a better sleep and improved mood? Taking algae tablets every day is the easiest, most natural way to do it.


Whether you are planning to have children or perhaps you are a new mom-to-be, algae is essential for the health of you and your baby.

ENERGYbits algae makes it easy to give mom and baby the nutrients they need to be healthy!

Studies show that nutrients in the first three years of a child’s life (including in utero) have a major impact on brain structure and development <12>. Failure to optimize brain development early in life appears to have long-term consequences with respect to education, job potential, and adult mental health <12>. That’s a lot of pressure on moms!

Did you know that pregnancy depletes several nutrients in the body or that lactating women don’t get their recommended intake of calcium, zinc, magnesium, and other critical nutrients (because they go towards producing milk) <13>.

We know that mom’s already have a lot of their plate, so why make it more complicated and overwhelming? Spirulina and chlorella take the worry out of getting enough vitamins and minerals for mom and her child. ENERGYbits algae tablets contain all the important vitamins for a baby’s development; iron, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and choline <14>.

Fun fact: in Asia when newborn babies cannot digest mother’s breastmilk, they are given spirulina. The nutrient profile is practically identical <15>!


Being a dog-mom counts too!

Algae is for everyone! It’s safe for children, for pets for the picky eaters, for the husbands who are scared of greens and for the health nut who may be missing certain nutrients from their diet.

Dogs love ENERGYbits algae. It helps improve their coat, their breath and their nutrition.

Whether you are a mom, grand-mom, mom-to-be or someone in between, we hope you will show yourself or the mom in your life some love with ENERGYbits® algae.

This month give your mom the gift of health! To learn more and stay up to date with algae, sign-up for our newsletter here!


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